Teaching activities

All lectures must be delivered online – Staff may also choose to use video recordings which have previously been produced if these cover the material to be taught. (see Panopto and Teams guidance)

Teaching which would not ordinarily be recorded (e.g. a small group tutorial) should be delivered remotely where it is possible to do so. Some adapting of the plan for the teaching session may be necessary (See Teams guidance)

Teaching activities which require the use of physical resources at one of our facilities (e.g. Labs) should be delivered remotely where it is practical and safe to do so. Otherwise, they should be cancelled and other ways of meeting the intended learning outcomes of the teaching session should be arranged in a way that can be delivered remotely.


Assessment Activities

A framework for operationalizing this commitment using Blackboard is being produced. This will offer a remote solution for capturing all answers ordinarily produced in an answer book (exam script) during a formal written exam including symbolic maths, drawing, and sketching.

Other assessment activities for the summer term (e.g. oral presentations, posters, vivas etc..) should be arranged remotely. It may be necessary to vary the format of some assessments to suit a remote format (e.g. group presentations). Further guidance on assessments which are not formal exams will follow soon.

Remote Teaching - General content (Panopto and BB)

FoE Remote Teaching - Panopto

Deliver lectures remotely with Panopto

1) Use the Panopto lecture capture system to pre - record your lectures from off-campus


Key information for students:

  • How will the remaining lectures on the course be delivered?
  • When will recordings become available in Panopto?
  • Is the content of remotely delivered lectures examinable?
  • How can students ask questions on the content? (e.g. online office hours, discussion forums)
FoE Remote Teaching - Blackboard

Remote teaching with Blackboard

If remote teaching activities are conducted using other tools (e.g. MS Teams), it will be helpful for students if details of these are provided via Blackboard, so all key module information is still available in a single place. Blackboard Announcements are a good way to keep students updated.

Online office hours and discussion forums can be used  to provide answers to queries on academic content, support or signposting for students with concerns, motivation to continue studying,  fellowship and fun!

Remote Teaching - General content (Teams and attend class)

FoE Remote Teaching - Teams

Teach remotely using Microsoft Teams

Remote delivery of small-group teaching

We recommend Microsoft Teams for live/synchronous online delivery of small-group teaching, e.g. seminars, revision classes or tutorials. This tool provides audio and video conferencing, text chat, screen sharing, and a whiteboard. Here are instructions on how to set up and use Teams to deliver remote interactive teaching sessions such as problem classes or tutorials

Key information for students prior to a live small-group teaching session:

  • What content will be covered and what academic preparation is needed?
  • When is the session happening and how will it be delivered?
  • What technical preparation is needed? What equipment?
  • What do I do if I can’t attend the session?
  • What if I have problems accessing the session on the day?


FoE Remote Teaching - Attend Class

Attend class remotely

How to attend remote teaching sessions using Teams. You will receive instructions from your department about any teaching sessions that will be delivered via Teams


The uncertain situation with COVID-19 combined with the transition from a face to face environment to a remote one can be difficult so we need to pay special attention to our mental health and wellbeing and support each other as much as we can. Below are a number of LinkedIn Learning playlists covering smart working, how to look after your wellbeing whilst working remotely and how to get the most out of Office 365.


Further help and support

If you need any further help or support,  please contact FoE EdTech Team engineering.learningtech@imperial.ac.uk