Transformation Workshop

Work with Us

The Transformation team is available to work on a range of online solutions to educational problems in the faculty of Engineering.

Our talented staff have a wide range of expertise in developing learning materials in partnership with academic colleagues at the college. We produce technology enhanced media such as film, interactive film and multimedia assets, such as digital animations. We also provide consulting level advice on pedagogy, particularly blended learning and the Flipped Classroom.

The Process

To ensure our materials are of the highest level and completed within identified timeframes, we have adopted a standard process for all interested staff to follow:

Diagram of transformation process. Written information below



ABC workshop

The ABC workshop is a brainstorming technique, designed by the Ed Tech team at UCL, which has been adopted by universities worldwide as a results of its effective and engaging methodology.

In 90 minutes, teams work together to categorise the learning activities within their module in order to give an overview of the learning patterns and interactions.

The framework enables academics to identify common, as well as infrequent learning activity types and highlight any areas they would to change, improve or enhance. The workshop concludes with an action plan for next steps. 

Learning design plan

Following the workshop, the transformation team take the outputs and put together a plan of work. This is shared with academics in order to agree a framework for the development work to come.

Scripting and production

Work now begins on development. This could include film work, developing multimedia 'widgets' to illustrate teaching and learning points or designing new activities for students such as web facilitated group work.


The rollout stage consists of taking the work done and releasing it for students. This stage can involve transformation staff in supporting any problems during first use.  


The evaluation stage involves analysing student feedback and learning analytics (logs of student use on the web) and comparing the results with the plans for the module. Insights useful to teaching in future presentations are shared with the academics concerned.