Wordcloud of training course feedback

Summary comments

  • Excellent session- a bit longer would be better
  • Hoping this will be widespread
  • Excellent session- helpful from work and personal perspective
  • Very useful and 4D toolkit a great idea
  • Good overview in an hour- perhaps all staff should attend
  • Excellent- I love it- I will certainly use it in my job
  • The interactive session was useful. Those "delegated" to need to feel equipped to deal with the situation
  • Every member of staff should attend this course
  • The scenarios were good
  • Very good session
  • The 4Ds is a good way to remember the 4 methods to address issues
  • Good short, sharp and therefore memorable
  • Great anecdotes which really brought the session to life
  • Useful to practice out loud a good phrase for intervening
  • Scenarios very useful and thought provoking
  • Clear and thought provoking
  • Useful to have this session as part of our division away day
  • Could have been longer as it was interesting
  • Scenarios extremely useful to work through
  • Ihave particular interest in safety and can see that this approach should also work for that
  • The session was very helpful but as a Professor I feel comfortable to intervene. More junior staff will find tools useful.
  • Excellent topic- needs to be rolled out to all staff
  • I think both academic and support staff should be encouraged to do this course
  • Excellent initiative which will be useful across all areas of College

Do you have any other comments/feedback/suggestions on the training received, or thoughts on how else we can challenge poor behaviours in the workplace?

We did discuss the training a few times with colleagues and it has come up several times when talking about possible scenarios or things we experienced, so if anything it made it easier to discuss within the team.

A very good session - a real eye opener! I did not realise how different people's reactions can be to the same scenario. Well done!

I thought the training was really good and very thought provoking. I think as well, it makes everyone think about their own behaviour as well as thinking about the behaviour of those around them. There have been instances in our office when someone has jokingly said 'I'll be an Active Bystander here.....' relating to a situation or conversation but its made everyone stop and think. So it's really resonated with everyone. I have also mentored a couple of junior members of the division whose behaviour can sometimes be a little extreme and the training has made them think about their own conduct. I feel comfortable saying to them 'as an Active Bystander, what you would say to that?...' when they have reacted to a situation.

I thought this training was fantastic and hugely helpful. My only feedback is that I think all staff should be doing more of this kind of training. In fact I think it should be mandatory for all staff, as a negative work culture can so easily creep in if people aren't being trained on how to spot issues and find ways to solve them. I think many people see and/or experience bullying and inappropriate behavior in the work place and know its a problem but don't know how to help. Also, many people know that its a problem but decide to keep their heads down and ignore it but i think more of this training would force people to actively shape the work culture around them more positively by being encouraged to be active and not passive in their work place.

I have not used them directly, but I have engaged in conversation with more junior females in the department about ways in which they can intervene if they see behaviour they find inappropriate.

Training was really good. Leaflet was really good. Remember there are only a couple of weeks since the course. The revealing aspect is that it has been used already.

The training was really good - knowing that the College supports this type of intervention makes me feel empowered to take action where I see it is needed. I just haven't been faced with a scenario where I would need to put it into practice yet.

The training has certainly heightened my awareness of my surroundings and the need to support others. The toolkit has given me the confidence to intervene when needed.

I thought the training was very useful and I feel that I now know something to say should the need arise. I feel that I would not like to witness or receive any unpleasant/bullying behaviour at work or in social situations without saying something now. I have also let my daughter know what advice was given.

The training course is very effective and raises awareness of situations where it is very easy to stand back and hope that somebody else will do something about it. It has given me a new perspective and also some courage to tackle poor behaviour, or approach people in distress.

A wonderful course, which I very much hope can be rolled out for staff and students across college.

Good training and was very useful to do as a whole division on our away day as it allowed for discussion on what we think constitutes poor behaviours in the workplace. It would be good to make it mandatory for everyone as there were a few people who couldn't make the away day.

Although I haven't actively used it I have thought about it in a few situations and explained the system to some people - although not needed I still think it was fantastic training to be armed with and ready to use!

The training was very thought-provoking and has brought the whole issue surrounding poor behaviour to the forefront, which is positive and will make people think about how they interact with each other on a day-to-day basis. The more training and transparency in these types of behaviour will benefit the college in the long term

I really enjoyed and appreciated the training. I thought it was useful to think through ways in which you could challenge poor behaviours at the College.

Was an excellent training session and was a real 'eye-opener.' I think all staff and students should have this training.

The one thing I have noticed is how many people want to know what the badge means that I am wearing (it is the active bystander badge). They then want to know what this is all about. So, to date, the most significant activity has been explaining the idea to people. I suspect the process of explaining could be a useful part of the exercise.

I thought the training was very good and as a result I am now more willing to help someone who may need my assistance rather than waiting for someone else to step forward.

I found the training very interesting and really relevant to how a lot of us act in situations. The use of video clips and scenario cards really helped with the learning and also made me think retrospectively of past events at work/personal life which could have been dealt with in a better manner by not just being a bystander and waiting for somebody else to take the first action.

The training was very useful to alert me and colleagues to subtleties of poor and aggressive behavior at work. For instance, I hadn't recognised email and copying multiple (and senior) people on emails as a form of aggressive behaviour. Also highlighted the importance of banter and cultural differences. While I am not sure whether I have consciously used the skills in the training, I feel that I have benefited from it and would be more ready to act.

I very much enjoyed the training and felt that should I ever be in a scenario where someone is being bullied I would be more aware of how to manage and help. I believe all staff should receive the training.

This was an excellent course and well received. The practical examples given were a good way of communicating issues that can arise in the workplace and how to deal with them effectively.