Host department: Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Time slot: PM

Who can study this module: Open to Y4 from Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Materials and Mechanical Engineering.

FHEQ Level: 7

How to apply: Via the visiting students link

Applications open: September 2017

Applications close: Week 3 of Autumn term

August resit opportunity: No

Approximate places available to students from other departments: No cap

Historic number of applications from students of other departments: 15

Criteria used to select students: n/a

Modelling and control of multi-body mechanical systems

Module syllabus

Basic vector calculus; Newtonian mechanics; Holonomic and nonholonomic systems; Control of nonholonomic systems; Kinematics of rigid body motion; Dynamics of rigid body motion; Variational principles and analytical mechanics: Calculus of variations and Lagrange multipliers, Euler-Lagrange differential equations, Virtual work, D'Alembert's principle, Hamilton's principle and Lagrangian equations of motion; Control by energy shaping and damping injection; Multibody building software.

Reading list

Supplemental Reading

Module leaders

Dr Simos Evangelou