Sports Innovation Challenge projects range from adaptive sporting equipment to concept sports.  Previous projects have included training devices, smart clothing utilising assistive technology, bionic prostheses and wearable technology.  For more information on previous projects visit the Sports Innovation Challenge webpage and to see more project videos go to the Sports Innovation Challenge YouTube Channel.


Wheelchair Re-Orientation System

Simple and elegant design featuring uni-directional rollers which enable wheelchair Basketball players to self-right independently follow a collision or fall.



Disability Snowsports UK Event

Projects developed by Innovation Design Engineering (IDE) and Global Innovation Design (GID) students as part of the Sports Innovation Challenge were on display at an event hosted by Disability Snowsport UK.


Bruise – injury detection suit

A suit developed by IDE and GID students for sportspeople with paraplegia who often suffer undiagnosed injuries from impacts to the parts of their body with reduced sensation.  Bruise is a smart injury detection suit, which uses a recyclable pressure-sensitive film to indicate the severity of injuries by changing colour upon impact.


Ice Rowing

Ice rowing is a new sport that enables teams of athletes to race against each other on an ice track. Taking inspiration from the biomechanics of rowing, Ice rowing leverages a full body stroke, allowing athletes of varying ability levels to compete in teams as equals.


Handlebar System for Jon-Allan Butterworth

Excerpt from Transworld Sport on Channel 4 from Saturday 19th April featuring Jon-Allan Butterworth and the handlebar system developed by students on the Sports Innovation Challenge to enable Jon-Allan to achieve a standing start.