25 March 2020

  • In line with the UK Government direction, we have temporarily closed all laboratories and instructed all academic and research staff to work from home, with the exception of those research groups directly supporting COVID-19 modelling and vaccine development. 

  • We are currently determining the best way forward for the continuation of our research programmes. Some programmes will continue to be delivered remotely and will be unaffected hopefully without too much delay. However, others could be significantly impacted, especially those requiring use of equipment in the closed laboratories and staff who cannot work as planned.

  • Where programmes are affected we will work collaboratively with you to re-design the research programmes to make the best use of resources in these testing times.  We will look to reschedule work, as and when experimental facilities are re-opened, with a view to minimising lost time. However in some cases we may not be able to deliver the full set of research outputs envisaged at the start of the project.

  • At this time we cannot provide assurances that affected programmes can be extended for no consideration of cost; as a charity we do not have residual funds to cover such an eventuality. We will certainly work with you to find the best way forward for you and for us in these challenging times.

  • Throughout this our priority is to the safety and well-being of our staff and students – recognising the critical role that we have in training the next generation of researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs. We are working to ensure that they are as productive as possible in the constraints given and hope to work with you in continuing to engage the staff and students on your projects.

  • We appreciate that these are also extremely challenging times for all our partners and look forward to working together to support you as the situation evolves. We remain open for business and for exploration of new opportunities, driving forward the frontiers of science to address the societal and industrial challenges of our time.