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Imperial Tech Foresight helps clients access visionary thinking and disruptive ideas, by situating Imperial academics’ scientific and technological advances within a future context. The team is committed to helping businesses understand and act on future opportunities.

“We work with industry partners to help them understand the future impact of new technologies and scientific breakthroughs - bringing to life possible, plausible and probable futures through the use of visionary academic perspective and foresight methodologies”, explains Maria Jeansson, Foresight Strategy Manager at Imperial Tech Foresight.

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Video footage of the Tech Foresight 2039 conference

Video - Tech Foresight 2039


Tech Foresight 2039 was held on 27 June 2019 and explored technology’s impact on the physical, emotional and safety needs of human experience. Attendees were able to explore what might be next on the technology horizon to help future-proof their businesses and organisation