Design Engineering: a meta-theme fusion of design thinking with cutting-edge science and engineering, focused on the needs of end-users and the opportunities for business. This entails precision design, prototyping and testing against user needs.

On 4 December 2018, Imperial Business Partners held an exclusive seminar on service and platform design in a meta-theme world. This IBP Insights seminar brought together Imperial’s Business Partners and The Dyson School of Design Engineering.

Watch the academic lectures here.


  • Augmented audio reality devices to create audio landscapes
  • Design Thinking is for services and processes as well as products
  • Robotic grippers of the future will evolve beyond the human hand
  • Designing batteries for the lowest total life cost
  • Startups in next generation CAD, personalised soundscapes, plastic-free insulation and robots for windturbine blade maintenance

Download the IBP Insights Briefing: Designing the future (PDF)

For further details on the event behind this insights briefing, visit our events website for the academic presentations and videos of the talks.