Format: An Imperial Business Partners conference in collaboration with Imperial Tech Foresight
Date: 14 June 2018

Enter 2038; a world of shifting realities, where things are not always what they seem to be, and where technological breakthroughs could change the very fundamentals of how we engage with and see the world.

Powered by Imperial Business Partners, curated by Imperial Tech Foresight

Discover how complex nanophotonics might enable molecular machines to increase our processing power. Invent new opportunities in 4D-printing with our leading academics. Debate what the future might hold for artificial scientific discovery and how it could trickle down into society. Listen to our expert in data-driven engineering and his vision of a responsive world. Develop future food opportunities by leveraging theories in rituals and technical advances. Discuss with our world-leading experts what’s next for privacy and our joint data futures.

TF2038 explored the future from a range of technological enablers, exploring what might be beyond the news-hype. Guests joined us to consider how companies can adapt to these new technology-enabled futures through academic visionary perspectives, interactive workshops, provocative panel debates, and engaging student work.


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Unravel the shifting realities of 2038 with visionary perspectives including:

  • Professor Mark Girolami on reimagining our world through data – whose work explores future Data-centric Engineering Applications and is developing the first living laboratory bridge
  • Controlling light on the nano-scale: from biocompatible lasers to optical computers, with Dr Riccardo Sapienza – who leads the Complex Nanophotonics Research Group
  • Our keynote speaker Anab Jain, Co-Founder and Director of Superflux, in conversation with Professor David Gann, CBE
  • An exhibition of early stage technologies and student projects from Imperial College London
  • A choice of four specialist sessions were available, with priority booking for IBP members:
  • Data disrupted – Dr Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye and Sara Murray in a fireside conversation on the future of data ownership and its impact on privacy and business
  • Artificial scientific discovery – Professor Mimi Hii and Dr Mark Kennedy in conversation on the future of artificial scientific discovery and what it could mean for society
  • Future 4D printing – join Dr Connor Myant and the Tech Foresight team in an interactive workshop exploring how 4D-printing may herald new opportunities for industries and consumers
  • Future of food – Dr Isabel Garcia-Perez and Dr Weston Barker engaged in a creative workshop to explore future areas of nutrition and the impact on diet and behaviour


The event offered opportunities to:

  • Engage with world-class Imperial academics to hear what is next on the technology horizon
  • Network with experts from industry, academia, start-ups, and beyond, to learn how other sectors and domains are grasping the opportunities of radical technological change
  • Explore through academic presentations how these technological advances might disrupt and influence sectors and domains in the long-term
  • Activate learnings in interactive workshops
  • Extract useful insights to drive your technology directions and inform your business

Explore the work of some of our visionary speakers

A living laboratory on the world’s first 3D printed steel bridge – Professor Mark Girolami leads the work of the Alan Turing Institute-Lloyd’s Register Foundation programme in data-centric engineering

Cambridge Analytica is “only the beginning” – Dr Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye, leading Imperial College’s Computational Privacy Group, has warned of the risk of privacy attacks that happen through friends

Studying the physics of light at the nanoscale – Dr Ricardo Sapienza and the work of the Complex Nanophotonics Research Group

Making synthesis of any desired molecule as easy as dialling a number – Professor Mimi Hii works on the next generation of chemistry