Since 1956, Artificial Intelligence, AI, has become a pervasive term for how robots could develop such a degree of ‘intelligence’ that the very fundamentals of our society are challenged. However, the attainment of a true Human or an Artificial General Intelligence still has considerable technical barriers. But what has been achieved, through recent science and engineering advances in computing power, data storage capabilities, wireless communications, new sophisticated mathematical algorithms and the miniaturisation of sensors, is the rise of task specific machines to carry out real-time, data intensive, complex tasks.

Download the IBP Insights Briefing: The rise of the machines (PDF)

The briefing covers the following topics:

  • Challenges in data, algorithms and hardware, for these machines to attain their full potential
  • New technologies are needed to enable the rise of the machines
  • Machine learning integrates with science and engineering models
  • A machine does not understand the world 

The Imperial Business Partners Executive Insights morning took place on Thursday 14 February 2019. Through a series of talks on these state of the art technologies, the event offered privileged insights into their potential impact in the fields of AI, digital security, customer engagement, fintech, robotics and digital urban infrastructure. This was a unique occasion to explore the challenges and opportunities for your business. 

For further details on the event behind this insights briefing, visit our events website for the academic presentations and videos of the talks.