What are the IBP membership benefits?

Membership with IBP offers access to vital services to support any business, such us:

  • A dedicated account manager
  • The Pathfinder service
  • Rapid scoping and prototyping of collaboration modes
  • Accelerated access to cutting edge science and technology via a connection to leading experts and emerging startups
  • Preferential rates for Executive Education open programmes
  • Cross-industry networking opportunities and start-up showcases
  • Opportunities to access student-led projects

For more detail on our member benefits, contact a member of the IBP team.

What is the Pathfinder service?

Pathfinder projects are co-designed to support your needs. It's the mechanism through which we can align the business needs and the challenges that your organisation is facing to the areas of Imperial’s science, technology, and business expertise that are most relevant.

Through scoping, exploration, and delivery phases, we’ll connect your organisation with almost 4,000 academic experts and a thriving ecosystem of inventors and high-tech start-ups. We’ll identify the people and teams most relevant to your needs from across the community so we can start collaborating for innovation.  

The IBP team will help you identify appropriate activities that will support your business strategy. As a member, you will decide which pathfinder activity you will want to undertake. This can include:

  • Five free consultancy days (subject to scope)
  • Thought leadership papers
  • Bespoke Imperial Tech Foresight projects
  • Quarterly innovation challenge days on a theme of your organisation's choosing
  • Webinar series for your staff or your clients
  • Startup ecosystem connection programme, facilitated through our specialist Startups support services within the Enterprise Division
  • Co-branded events and workshops, online and in person

Discover what the Pathfinder process is with our step-by-step guide.