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In the Enterprise Division, we help take ideas from concept to creation. We're encouraging the whole Imperial community to propose technology ideas that can address four core themes from the College's academic strategy - Healthy Society, Sustainable Society, Resilient Society and Smart Society. 

Share your idea 

If you have an idea or technology concept that could help address the four core themes above, let us know. You can do this in any of three ways:

  1. Complete one of the Idea Cards, located across the campuses. Look out for the large Enterprising Ideas posters.*
  2. Email the Enterprise Division
  3. Share your idea on Twitter using the hashtag #InventedAtImperial and tag @ImperialIdeas.*

The Enterprise team will be in touch to let you know how they can help your work go further.

* IMPORTANT: If you share publicly information about a novel invention or discovery you have made, it may not be possible to secure a patent or other intellectual property rights over that idea in the future. Please do not disclose confidential information in your submission. Contact your Faculty Industry Partnerships and Commercialisation team in the first instance, or email the Enterprise team directly for more information.

The four themes:

Smart society

We are enabling discoveries and developing new technologies to better understand how they will transform lives, environments and present new challenges to the world of work.

  • How might we protect society from over-reliance of automation? 
  • Quantum technologies will open up to new business opportunities across industries. What might these opportunities be? 
  • As more individuals use devices across the Internet of Things (IoT), the risk of a cyberattack accelerates as well. How can we embed security in the manufacturing and development of smart devices? 
  • The current design of Bitcoin systems requires more electricity than is needed to power Denmark. How can we promote the environmentally sustainable applications of Blockchain without damaging the value of this growing sector? 

Healthy society

We are innovating new technologies and strategies to improve health services and support the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease by converging science disciplines and integrating them with clinical and public health practices. 

  • According to the WHO, more than half of under-5 child deaths are due to preventable and easily-treatable diseases. What new interventions might help prevent and cure diseases? 
  • How might we create a fully holistic and personalized healthcare system through unique interventions across the patient experience?  
  • Healthcare can be seen as a complex area from the point of the patient, how could patients be more in control or more informed about making their healthcare decisions? 
  • In 15 years, we will have 1.2 million more people aged 85 than today in the UK. How might new devices be used to support an ageing population?

Resilient society

We are developing technologies to enable stable and robust infrastructures that underpin the delivery of services – from water and energy to data and banking – making societies resilient.

  • What technologies or techniques do companies need to employ to ensure trust and transparency of data management? 
  • What might be new opportunities which could strengthen health systems in their reaction to threats? 
  • Turbulent weather is a threat to resilience in infrastructure. What new ideas are needed to ensure our infrastructure can withstand the impacts of climate change? 
  • Electricity generation in the grid from fossil fuels emits on average 1kg CO2/kWh. How might smart grids help to enable a bottom-up approach to reduce local carbon footprints and improve energy resilience and security? 
  • What solutions could help measuring the economic value of ecosystem services and biodiversity in order to protect and regenerate rural areas and cultures? 

Sustainable society

We are helping societies to become more sustainable by transforming manufacturing, attitudes to consumption and economic practices. 

  • What technological and design solutions can make electronic devices easier to recycle? 
  • Poor air quality in London is linked to thousands of premature deaths each year. How might new innovations provide a solution? 
  • How might new ideas and technologies allow us to encourage energy transition in cities and rural areas? 
  • Over one third of all food produced globally goes to waste. How might we encourage innovations that allow us to discourage food waste? 
  • According to the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF), 40% of rivers in England and Wales are polluted by sewage. How might new types of technologies help clean up our water systems?