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Our teams

The Industry Partnerships and Commercialisation team

The Industry Partnerships and Commercialisation (IPC) team, part of the Enterprise Division, helps maximise the impact of Imperial's academic discoveries by identifying and progressing opportunities to develop research and technologies through collaboration and commercialisation. It manages industry partnerships and key stakeholder relationships.

You should contact your faculty IPC team if you are interested in:

  • Collaborative research with industry
  • Commercialising your research

To find out more, please contact: 

The Commercialisation Office

The Commercialisation Office, part of the Enterprise Division, provides world-class legal, policy and IP management support to Imperial College London.

Its behind-the-scenes work includes:

  • Patent and license management
  • Developing policy, maintaining operational excellence, and administering the College’s interface with its wholly-owned subsidiary, Imperial College Innovations Limited
  • External technology transfer services to select NHS trusts around London, offering patenting and licensing support.   
  • Startup formations. 

The Startup Team

The Startup Team, which sits within the Commercialisation Office, helps Imperial’s academic staff launch startups based on College IP, and provides investor relations services.

You should contact the Startup Team if:

  • You would like to launch a startup based on IP developed at the College. (Please contact your faculty IPC team first to discuss options for commercialisation).

Email Dr Govind Pindoria, Associate Director of Startup Formations.