Techcelerate: Frequently Asked Questions

Will the programme provide market validation training with a balanced focus between supporting entrepreneurship and licencing opportunities?

Answer: Yes, previously Techcelerate provided customer discovery training in the context of entrepreneurship only. The new programme will expand that training to the context of licencing opportunity too. 

Will the programme feature Faculty Associate Deans guidance and advice?

Answer: Yes, Faculty Associate Deans will participate in venture review panels and contribute to project selection along with IPC teams.

postdocs still be paid to participate on the programme?

Answer: No, nobody will be paid to participate in the programme unlike previous years. Travel funding prizes to conduct customer discovery will be awarded within the programme to those who demonstrate appropriate approaches and needs for such funding.    

Will it still be full-time?

Answer: Techcelerate will be conducted as an ‘extra-curricular’ activity only

Will the programme structure/content change or just the frequency with which it’s run?

Answer: New content has and will continue to be created in order to meet Techcelerate’s training ambitions.