Several items of hydrological modelling software have been developed within the Section and available for download from this site to interested parties. This software is only freely available for teaching and non-commercial use only. Other uses should be negotiated with Imperial College (Contact

In addition, we do of course also require that you duly recognise the source of this software in any work that makes use of it, and in no way modify, copy or otherwise tamper with the code. Details of the software packages available are given below.

Two toolboxes for the development of rainfall-runoff models and the evaluation of any dynamic mathematical model have been developed.

Both toolboxes are implemented in MATLAB. MATLAB is a numerical programming and visualisation package. See for more details and for information on availability.

These packages are freely available for non-commercial use only! That is for teaching and research. Any commercial use has first to be negotiated with Prof. Howard Wheater ( of the Imperial College. It is also important to remember that these are not commercial packages! They therefore do not come with the quality control commercial packages will have gone through. However, this will be implemented for later versions.

Some of the algorithms for Monte Carlo analysis in these Toolboxes are based directly on algorithms in the GLUE Toolbox of Lancaster University.


Monte Carlo Analysis Tool

The Monte-Carlo Analysis Toolbox - MCAT is a collection of MATLAB analysis and visualisation functions integrated through a graphical user interface.

The toolbox can be used to analyse the results from Monte-Carlo (MC) parameter sampling experiments or from model optimisation methods that are based on population evolution techniques, for example, genetic algorithms. A number of powerful techniques are included in the toolbox to investigate the structure, sensitivity, and parameter and output uncertainty of mathematical models.

Although this toolbox has been developed within the context of ongoing hydrological research, all functions can be used to investigate any dynamic mathematical model.

MCAT Version 3 for Matlab Release 10 52317.ZIP - mcat 3 rel 10 pfiles

MCAT Version 3 for Matlab Release 11 52318.ZIP mcat 3 rel 11

MCAT Version 3 for Matlab Release 12 52319.ZIP mcat 3 rel 12

MCAT Version 5 including user manual for Matlab Release 14 52321.ZIP mcat 5 rel 14

MCAT version 5 incliding user manual for Matlab Release 2011b MCAT version 5 release

The following file contains the corresponding user manual - 52320.ZIP

Please report any errors or suggestions for improvement to, using the word TOOLKIT as subject.

Rainfall Runoff Modelling Tool

The Rainfall-Runoff Modelling Toolbox - RRMT has been developed within the scope of a model regionalisation project in order to produce parsimonious, lumped model structures with a high level of parameter identifiability.

Such identifiability is crucial if relationships between the model parameters representing the system and catchment characteristics (e.g. dominant soil types, land use, etc.) are to be established. RRMT is a modular framework that allows its user to implement different model structures to find a suitable balance between model performance and parameter identifiability.

Model structures that can be implemented are lumped, relatively simple (in terms of number of parameters), and of conceptual or hybrid metric-conceptual type.

RRMT Version 4 for Matlab Release 10 52313.ZIP rrmt 4 rel 10

RRMT Version 4 for Matlab Release 11 52314.ZIP rrmt 4 rel 11

RRMT Version 4 for Matlab Release 12 52315.ZIP rrmt 4 rel 12

The following file contains the corresponding user manual 52316.ZIP rrmt 4 user

RRMT Version 5 for Matlab Release 2011b RRMT version 5 release