The Centre for Environmental Policy (CEP) aims to have a global impact on energy and environmental security policy, management of environmental quality, and sustainable transitions in environmental governance, through collaborative research and engagement supporting efforts on environment, energy and health throughout the College. The Department will lead international postgraduate training on environmental technology, driven by our research and engagement. The Head of Department is Prof Mark Burgman.

Environmental quality

Departmental Overview

CEP was established initially in 1977 as the interdepartmental Centre for Environmental Technology
(ICCET), and has since evolved to cover a wide range of science, technology and policy research, teaching areas involving engagement within the broad disciplines of physical and natural environment, energy, agriculture and international development.

Under its most recent structure, it focuses primarily on social sciences relevant to the environment and to the interface between science and policy in key environmental subjects. This work is often carried out in collaboration with core discipline based departments at the College.

The Department produces the highest quality interdisciplinary research, teaching and advice on environmental matters, with extensive opportunities for PhD research including interdisciplinary work with other parts of the College and publishes research in a wide range of peer-reviewedjournals. The strong interdisciplinary nature of the Department is also reflected in its internationally renowned MSc in Environmental Technology.

CEP is organized in functional groups around research topics, and teaching is related closely to the research groups by subject.