Strategic executive

Strategic executive committee

Chair: Mark Burgman

To provide a forum for discussing strategic investments, appointments, the direction of the Department, progress towards equity and diversity, and to consolidate feedback from the other CEP committees to monitor progress towards CEP mission.

Equity, diversity and inclusion subcommittee

Co-chairs: Karen Lyle | Mark Burgman

To ensure the CEP becomes a more equitable, transparent, diverse and inclusive workplace. To that end, it will work to achieve Athena Swan accreditation, create and oversee systems for support and development of early career researchers, develop procedures and materials for sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination.


Research committee

Co-chairs: Clive Potter | Nick Voulvoulis

To reshape the Department's research profile around policy and decision-making for the environment and reorganise interactions appropriately.


Communications committee

Chair: Martin Head

To enhance digital services, oversee the website, enhance internal communication by maintaining an open, accessible list of achievements and examples of equity, diversity and inclusion, and to help CEP develop better visibility through social media, interactions with major media, MOOCs, open lectures/courses, recorded/online seminars.

Digital services subcommittee

Chair: Martin Head

To provide a means by which the CEP can properly manage its IT portfolio in terms of both hardware and software, with a view to future needs and developments. This will cover all aspects of departmental operations, teaching activities, research and communications needs.

Alumni subcommittee

Chair: Celia Carling

Safety, health and well-being

Safety, health and well-being committee

Chair: Shane Murphy

Sustainability committee

Chair: Yannis Kountouris

To consider the latest research and trends in sustainablity assessment, developments in methodologies and tools and build a vibrant sustainability discourse in the Department. To identify and encouragepro-environmental behaviours and Departmental policies in travel, procurement, waste management. To consider dynamic interactions and cooperative behaviours more generally.

Learning and development

Learning and development committee

Co-chairs: Mike Tennant | Tilly Collins

MSc management subcommittee

Chair: Mike Tennant

PhD management subcommittee

Chair: Jem Woods

Athena SWAN committee

Chair: Caroline Howe
  • Esther Anaya Boig
  • Mark Burgman
  • Celia Carling
  • Karina Corada Perez
  • Vasiliki Kioupi
  • Karen Lyle 
  • Renee van Diemen
  • Nick Voulvoulis