Committee Members

RoleNamePosition in CEP
Chair Vacant  
Co-Chair Karen Lyle Departmental Manager
Member Punitha Silivaroojoo PhD student Representative
Member Vacant  
Member Bill Sheate Reader, Core Course Director & Deputy Director of MSc Environmental Technology
Member Rob Bell College Athena SWAN Co-ordinator
Member Helen ApSimon Professor of Air Pollution


Latest News/Events

James Stirling, Maggie Dallman, Alice Gast, Karen Makuch, Helena Morrissey, Norma Jarboe, Baroness Judith Jolly

Women in Leadership

Women’s Leadership in Entrepreneurial and STEMM cultures on the 4th of November 2014 saw the participation of some high-level speakers from key sectors within the UK. Baroness Jolly, Helena Morrissey, Norma Jarboe, Alice Gast, James Stirling, Maggie Dallman. The feedback on the event has been fantastic and there are calls for a repeat next year. Key messages and ideas for policy change from the event are being followed up at College level.
Women leaders event 4 November presentations (pdf)

Examples of Women in Leadership


Imperial College Initiatives

Elsie Widdowson Fellowship recipients from CEP: Karen Makuch (2009, 2011)

National Initiatives

Global Groups

Blogs, Articles and TV

  • Professor Curt Rice -Thoughts on University Leadership. A n insightful blog from the Vice President for Research & Development (prorektor for forskning og utvikling) at the University of Tromsø. His interests relate to leadership development at academic institutions; they range from, inter alia , the i mprovement of research funding to working on gender balance issues.
  • Dame Athene Donald - Science & Gender - Obstacles & Intervention. A leading Physics professor, wife and mother, blogs her personal thoughts and experiences, with commentary and reflection on the latest developments in the gender & equality debate.
  • April 2012 i ssue of Physics World - Mending the broken pipe - Professor Lesley Cohen from Imperial College London examines what can be done to encourage more women into physics.
  • September 2012 - Topical documentary series on BBC "Hilary Devey's Women at the Top". Check out the series on BBC iPlayer. Covers issues such as shared  parental leave, boardroom quotas and high-flying career mothers
  • "Bias Persists for Women of Science, a Study Finds", New York Times
  • Coca-Cola's 5by20 initiative seeks to empower 5million women by 2020
  • Professor Uta Frith's network, 'Science & Shopping'  to share ideas and information, aimed at promoting the careers of women in science.