The Centre for Environmental Policy (CEP) at Imperial College London is committed to promoting and championing a university environment where all students, staff and visitors are treated with respect, consideration and courtesy and feel safe and supported.

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The Centre for Environmental Policy was awarded the Athena Swan Bronze Award ( see Bronze CEP Athena SWAN application ) in October 2019 and is currently working towards attaining its Silver Award.  

Flexible Working at CEP

The Centre for Environmental Policy (CEP) recognises the importance of a healthy work/life balance for all staff and strives to provide a supportive working environment that benefits both employees and the Department.

Flexible working is an option open to all staff at CEP and is a way of working that accommodates an employee’s needs. This is available for all staff, including parents and carers. Flexible working can include having flexible start and finish times, working from home, job sharing and other arrangements, and can be designed to suit an individual’s needs.

CEP is committed to equality of opportunity and valuing diversity: we value the positive contribution diversity brings and believe that it is vital to our continued academic excellence. By offering flexible working, we aspire to recruiting excellent and diverse staff.

Find out more about Imperial College’s policy on flexible working.

Guidance and advice

What should I do if...

CEP's equality, diversity and inclusion subcommittee

Working to ensure the CEP becomes a more equitable, transparent, diverse and inclusive workplace. To that end, the EDI subcommittee will work to achieve Athena Swan accreditation, create and oversee systems for support and development of early career researchers, and develop procedures and materials for sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination.


  • Mark Burgman (co-chair)
  • Karen Lyle (co-chair)
  • Dan Hdidouan
  • Ans Vercammen
  • Nick Voulvoulis
  • Onesmus Mwabonje
  • Bill Sheate
  • Caroline Howe
  • Sorina Damsa
  • MSc Representatives