The programme aims to:

  • Provide the highest standard of training for environmental scientists and managers, who will become leaders in their fields, whether in academia, consultancy, research, government bodies, non-governmental organisations or industry and commerce, both nationally and internationally
  • Deliver an holistic understanding of the interdisciplinary complexities underlying environmental issues integrating science, technology, law, economics, policy and management, with in-depth education in the more specific areas addressed by the eight specialist options
  • Attract highly motivated students, both from within the UK and from overseas
  • Develop new areas of teaching in response to the advance of scholarship and the needs of vocational training 

 The  objectives are:

  • A command of the range of subjects necessary to understand and resolve environmental problems and the ability to apply the knowledge to practical issues
  • Specialisation on certain areas in greater depth
  • Understanding of the fundamental mechanisms operating in the environment and the principles underlying the tools for sustainable environmental management
  • Development of interpersonal and transferable skills, quantitative and qualitative skills
  • Development of the ability to conduct independent rigorous research into environmental problems with confidence

Find out more about the Learning Outcomes in the Course specification.