Personal Tutors and Welfare

All students are allocated to a Personal tutor. Personal tutorials are intended to provide pastoral support to students, rather than having a specific educational role. Your personal tutor will be available to you throughout the academic year of the MSc course. All being well you will have little cause to see your personals tutor, other for scheduled meetings. However, they are there if you have particular personal or family problems or, for example, find yourself in financial difficulty. Your tutor can also refer you to the other services within College who can help you.

You will meet with your personal tutor, and with the rest of your tutorial group, on the first day of term. At this time, individual meetings will be arranged for later in the week. Tutorial groups are drawn from across the Options, providing an opportunity to meet colleagues with a range of interests and backgrounds.

You will meet with your personal tutor at least three times during the Core Course (including your first week individual meeting). The personal tutor then is also a first point of contact if you have specific problems or worries. The Senior Tutor, Dr Ioannis Kountouris, is an alternative point of contact and can help you and/or your personal tutor with difficult problems or those that require referral elsewhere in College. Dr Tilly Collins is the tutor for women.

Personal tutor groups will be announced during the Senior Tutor’s talk on the first day of term and will also be available on Blackboard. Most tutors have two groups of tutees and you need to be clear which personal tutor group is yours.

Option Group Meetings

There are at least three Option Group meetings during the Core Course term. The first is on the first day where you will be introduced to the Option and your Option Convenors. Two further meetings will be held in the middle and towards the end of the term to provide a link between the Core Course and your specialist Option. These will be arranged by your Option Convenors. 

Other support