Thursday evening Policy Seminars

As part of the MSc course, the Centre holds a regular series of Thursday evening Policy Seminars given by a range of speakers from areas including government, industry and non-government organisations who come to talk about their particular involvement in the environmental field. These seminars are of great value, as they provide a prime opportunity for informal socialising and networking.

External speakers range from international experts to course alumni, with their contribution ensuring coverage of current issues, the possibility of placement-style dissertation research and an invaluable source of job announcements. 

All students are expected to attend.

Autumn Term:


The changing landscape of environmental policy and its relationship with science and evidence
Gary Kass (Deputy Chief Scientist at Natural England)
Room: SAF G16


Disclosure and engagement: incentivising best practice in biodiversity-risk commodity sectors
Chris Eves (Forestry Officer- Zoological Society of London {ZSL})
Room: RSM G20


What does sustainability mean for commercial real estate owners & investors?
Annie Goransson (Consultant, Fitwel Ambassador, Energy, Infrastructure & Sustainability EMEA)
Room: RSM G20


“Why organisations are engaging with their stakeholders about purpose - a sustainability practitioner’s perspective”
James Whittingham (Senior Sustainability Consultant- Luminous)
Room: RSM G20


UK Environmental Policy Before and After Brexit
Tamsin Cooper (Head of strategy, DEFRA)
Room: RSM G20


‘Sustainability at AB Sustain’ 
Sadia Ahmed (Head of innovation at AB Sustain)
Room: SAF G16


Ben Summers (Sustainability Manger- Innocent Drinks)
Room: SAF G16


The economics of flood risk: If you were given half a billion pounds to protect people from flooding, how would you spend it?
Matt Georges (Senior Advisor, Environment and Business, Environment Agency)
Room: RSM G20


“Clean Air: our right, but whose responsibility?”
Katherin Nield (UK Clean Air Lawyer)
Room: RSM G20

Spring Term:


"Buzzing business : how to make our planet and pets green again"
Madeleine Morley (Co-founder at Entomojo)
Room: SAF G16


"What do the new UK Climate Projections mean for the future of our environment?”
Liz Duffy (Head of Climate Evidence and Analysis at Defra)
Room: Sherfield 569 - Pippard


“Rubbish or Resource? Waste Management Policy in Practice”
Jarno Stet (Waste Services Manager, Westminster City Council)
Room: RSM G20


“How does the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change really work?” 
Renee van Diemen (Scientist at the Working Group III Technical Support Unit of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC))
Room: RSM G20


Jo Guy (Senior Environment Project Manager, Environment Agency)
Room: RSM G20


Julie Stokes (Sustainability Consultant, Arup)
Room: RSM G20


"Energy Sector Transformation: The Role of Open Innovation, Rapid Proto-typing and Listening and Learning Organisations"
Mark Workman (Research Fellow at the Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College, London)
Room: RSM G20


Monica Araya (co-founder of Costa Rica Limpia)
Room: RSM G20