Thursday evening Policy Seminars

As part of the MSc course, the Centre holds a regular series of Thursday evening Policy Seminars given by a range of speakers from areas including government, industry and non-government organisations who come to talk about their particular involvement in the environmental field. These seminars are of great value, as they provide a prime opportunity for informal socialising and networking.

External speakers range from international experts to course alumni, with their contribution ensuring coverage of current issues, the possibility of placement-style dissertation research and an invaluable source of job announcements. 

All students are expected to attend.

Autumn Term:


The changing landscape of environmental policy and its relationship with science and evidence
Gary Kass (Deputy Chief Scientist at Natural England)
Room: SAF G16


Disclosure and engagement: incentivising best practice in biodiversity-risk commodity sectors
Chris Eves (Forestry Officer- Zoological Society of London {ZSL})
Room: RSM G20


What does sustainability mean for commercial real estate owners & investors?
Annie Goransson (Consultant, Fitwel Ambassador, Energy, Infrastructure & Sustainability EMEA)
Room: RSM G20


“Why organisations are engaging with their stakeholders about purpose - a sustainability practitioner’s perspective”
James Whittingham (Senior Sustainability Consultant- Luminous)
Room: RSM G20


UK Environmental Policy Before and After Brexit
Tamsin Cooper (Head of strategy, DEFRA)
Room: RSM G20


‘Sustainability at AB Sustain’ 
Sadia Ahmed (Head of innovation at AB Sustain)
Room: SAF G16


Ben Summers (Sustainability Manger- Innocent Drinks)
Room: SAF G16


The economics of flood risk: If you were given half a billion pounds to protect people from flooding, how would you spend it?
Matt Georges (Senior Advisor, Environment and Business, Environment Agency)
Room: RSM G20


“Clean Air: our right, but whose responsibility?”
Katherin Nield (UK Clean Air Lawyer)
Room: RSM G20