Thursday evening Policy Seminars

As part of the MSc course, the Centre holds a regular series of Thursday evening Policy Seminars given by a range of speakers from areas including government, industry and non-government organisations who come to talk about their particular involvement in the environmental field. These seminars are of great value, as they provide a prime opportunity for informal socialising and networking.

External speakers range from international experts to course alumni, with their contribution ensuring coverage of current issues, the possibility of placement-style dissertation research and an invaluable source of job announcements. 

All seminars will take place in SAFB G16, 17.00 – 18:00 UK time. All students are expected to attend.

Core Course


Joeri Rogelj, Imperial College London: "Key insights of the latest IPCC physical science assessment"


Dan Hamza-Goodacre, Advisor COP26 Unit, Race to Zero, Energy Transitions Council: "Influencing climate action: a framework for strategising"


Jim Skea, Imperial College London: "A Just Transition to Net Zero: From theory to practice"


Matt Georges, Orbital Economics: "Why we make bad decisions and how to stop doing it"


Jake Tudge and James Poston, KPMG: Making net zero targets a reality: a deep dive on the practicalities”


Mark Howells, Imperial College London and Loughborough University: 'The development of massive public goods for Climate Compatible Growth - The Global Electrification Platform & the Decarbonisation Investment Starter Kits'


David Barker, Author: 'Water, Water, Everywhere (Climate change and the coming battle for freshwater)'


Aimee Oxley, Bristol Zoo: 'Learning from animals, working with people: Interdisciplinary approaches to resolving conservation conflicts'


Alyssa Gilbert, Imperial College London: 'Bringing people together for climate change action'


Alistair Clark, EBRD

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