Featuring Dr Robert Gross

"Record levels of green energy in UK create strange new world for generators" The Observer (18 June, p.43) - "As renewables play a greater role in the British market, they are making the price of power increasingly unstable... In the UK, the rise of renewables is also creating new challenges for the people who manage local and national power grids. Robert Gross [Centre for Environmental Policy], director of the centre for energy policy and technology at Imperial College, said fossil fuel plants were having to ramp up and down more quickly to adjust to wind and solar output. 'My understanding is that's not causing any insurmountable problems [for the grid]. The way I heard it characterised is the National Grid control room now finds summer to be more worrisome than January nights. Now it's the [challenge of] solar and low demand on very sunny days [rather than high demand days in winter].'"