Centre for Environmental Policy Lunchtime Seminar Series

The CEP is a unique department with a highly interdisciplinary and broad range of research areas including disciplines such as economics, sociology, politics, engineering, natural sciences and many more. CEP staff, researchers and students also frequently collaborate with other departments and institutes including the Grantham Institute, the Sustainable Gas Institute and the Energy Futures Lab. This seminar brings together members throughout the College as well as industrial or government entities with a common interest in envrionmental sustainability and policy.  

Speakers include PhD students and staff from the CEP as well as researchers from other departments and institutes. The CEP Lunchtime Seminar Series take place every Wednesday during term time and last about an hour starting at 13:00 every week. The seminar is an interactive session between the speaker and the audience. Each speaker is to present for 15-25 minutes and can be supported by slides, but is also welcome to use any other method of presenation. We ask each speaker to prepare a set of 2-3 questions for the audience after their talk in order to initiate the discussion part of the session.

This seminar is a great opportunity for speakers to share ideas, obtain feedback and freely discuss their latest project or paper to a diverse audience. It also provides students with an opportunity to polish their presentation and communication skills, particularly in preparation for conference presentations or VIVAs. 

The organising committee is keen to line up speakers during the academic year and thus invites all interested individuals to come forth to present their environment-related research at one of the seminars.

Members from other College Departments/Centres/Institutes as well as external parties are most certainly welcome to attend. We look forward to seeing you there, and thank you in advance for your support and active participation!

Please contact the seminar series coordinators for more information.

Seminar series coordinators: