The Centre for Environmental Policy at Imperial College London provides a unique research interface between science and technology and the economic and policy context in which it is developed and applied. Its focus is on environmental and development issues, including energy, pollution, conservation of natural resources, food security and poverty reduction.

The Centre integrates the College's outstanding science and technology research with a leading team of social and policy scientists, creating exciting interdisciplinary research programmes. The Centre's staff currently produces the highest quality research, teaching and advice on environmental and development matters.

We generally develop a research design process for each of our projects such that impacts are embedded in the project. The flow diagram depicts the stages that accompany environmental problem solving by governments, commercial and other key environment and energy stakeholders.

Most of the time our research follows at least a segment of this flow diagram. Occasionally, we produce projects that traverse the entire flow diagram leading to clear path derived policy and/or regulatory outcomes.  In these circumstances, the impact of our research is obvious.  Such an overall approach to our research reflects our collective Departmental ambition to demonstrate positive, real life impacts as environment and energy imperatives continue to ramp up in our contemporary world.

Our research themes follow four main groupings:

Other projects in residence include