UK National Focal Centre for Integrated Assessment Modelling

As the base for the UK National Focal Centre for Integrated Assessment Modelling, the IAU collaborates with related research both nationally and internationally.  An increasing number of countries are developing similar national focal centres, interacting with the work of the UN ECE and of  IIASA. 

At a national level there are close links with AEA and the National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory, with The Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) on protection of ecosystems and mapping of critical loads, with AMEC Environment & Infrastructure UK on potential abatement measures and costs, and with North Wyke ResearchADAS, CEH  and others on agricultural aspects and the nitrogen cycle. There is also close collaboration and inter-comparison on atmospheric modelling, especially withEMEP, CEH , AEA , and CERC; and active participation in APRIL (Air Pollution Research in London). As work is extended to synergies between air quality issues and greenhouse gas emissions, this collaboration is extending to the UK Met Office and others addressing climate change.

Folllowing a series of contracts on "Analysis of Abatement Strategies" research is now continuing for DEFRA under a 5 year contract (from July 2007)  "Scientific Support for National and International policy"- a collaborative project with the Met Office (coordinator), AEA Energy and Environment, CEH and AMEC.