Veolia Environment

In a strategic research partnership in resources management with Imperial College London


Professor Nick Voulvoulis, Research Director at the Centre of Environmental Policy , and Richard Kirkman, Head of Technology (Veolia), are coordinating this research partnership.

Veolia and Imperial have teamed up to offer the students attending the MSc in Environmental Technology an invaluable experience in waste and resource management.

Students have the opportunity to collaborate with world renowned research teams and increase their technical and technological expertise in the field of resource management, with the overall aim of getting the expertise needed for working towards a career in achieving a low carbon economy. They also have the option to undertake projects for their MSc thesis covering a wide spectrum of topics from resource management to energy efficiency and innovation. Apart from the numerous projects it funds, VES also invites students to attend the Veolia Summer School in Paris, France to discover the full range of environmental services in the fields of water, waste management and energy.

The company expects that some of the students will go on to take places on the Veolia Environmental Services with the prospect of providing scientific and technical support to the companies numerous projects. Richard Kirkman explains “We will provide case studies, sites and mentoring whilst the students bring a fresh and innovative approach underpinned by world class tutors and advisors on campus. Our aim is a closer working relationship between industry and the research community…”.

Imagine 2050

The future of water, waste and energy: how UK industry will need to adapt for tomorrow. Find out more about the Imagine 2050 project.


The case for a plastic packaging tax in the UK


Examples of MSc projects (2019) in collaboration with VEOLIA

The environmental impacts of unsustainable waste management are now widely acknowledged. Veolia Environmental Services have shifted their focus from waste management to resource management with the aim to promote sustainable waste management for the extraction of materials to achieve resource efficiency and circular economy. This provides opportunities for innovation and sustainable development which is on the core of the company’s future strategy and goals.  Such goals necessitate interdisciplinary research that provides a holistic approach to problem solving with the aim to provide high level information and deep-rooted solutions.

Student  Topic Supervisor
Jon Querejeta Azurmendi An analysis on future energy scenarios and policy in the UK and its implications for the waste and resource management sector  Nick Voulvoulis
Lea Saunders Biopolymers Nick Voulvoulis
Amara  Prevatt Which packaging is best? A study on single use plastic packaging compared with its alternatives. Nick Voulvoulis
Anna Brockhaus  Forecasting mandatory separate food waste collection in England Nick Voulvoulis


Veolia Environmental Services Prize

Each year since 2010 Veolia Environmental Services offer an annual award for the highest grade achieved in the Environmental Pollution and Control module exam of the Core Course of the MSc in Environmental Technology.  This award aims to promote excellence in Environmental Pollution and Control. 

Winners of the Veolia Environmental Services Prize

Year Student’s Name
2017-18 David Teruel
2016-17 Lin Hengsi Wilson
2015-16 Tara barratt
2014-15 Jennifer Mills
2013-14 Sali (Mechref) and Joshua (Gregory)
2012-13 Helen Picot
2011-12 Samer Alameddine
2010-11 Gisella Schilling

Veolia Summer School

Each year students attending the MSc in Environmental Technology can apply to attend the Veolia Summer School that takes place in mid-summer and lasts for a week. The School, also known as the Campus Veolia Environment, is situated in the Jouy-le-Moutier area in France, only 30km away from Paris.

Around 30 to 40 students from universities and business schools of a range of countries including, the Czech Republic, Hungary, France, Sweden, Ireland, Poland, United States, United Kingdom, Spain and China have the opportunity to attend the School.

In the School students have the opportunity to discover the full range of environmental services in the fields of water, waste management and energy. The objectives of the School are to:

  • Increase students’ awareness concerning the environmental stakes for sustainable cities.
  • Introduce international students to the business and activities related to environmental services.
  • Establish preferential relations with elite universities and business schools.

A synopsis of the week includes, introduction to Veolia Environment, meetings with HR staff, meetings with operations staff, site visits, business case, group discussions, cultural visits and many more.

 All travel expenses, accommodation and other costs are paid by Campus Veolia Environment.


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