People working outside in Dalby CourtThe strength and vitality of Imperial is thanks entirely to the people who work and study at the College. Through our strategy for equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI), we aim to add to that strength and vitality by creating an institution that is fully committed to equality of opportunity, to the enrichment of diversity, and to giving all members of our community a sense of belonging and inclusion.

At an organisation as large as Imperial, there is always the challenge of ensuring that all the parts work together well. We know that different people and groups within the university often have bright ideas about how we can do things better – and we are keen to nurture and stimulate that creativity so that it might have maximum impact.

Imperial's EDI Seed Fund aims to encourage and support the College community in generating ideas, activities and initiatives that will contribute to the aims and objectives of Imperial’s EDI strategy. The College is already committed to delivering its EDI action plan. The seed fund aims to enhance the College’s action by recognising people whose ideas will help us in unanticipated ways to build a fully inclusive institutional culture – and to help to bring their initiative to fruition.

We look forward to receiving your proposals!

The closing date for applications is Friday 22 November 2019.

Please make sure to consult the EDI Seed Fund guidance notes (pdf) before completing the EDI Seed Fund 2019 application form (Word)