The Corporate Partnerships team helps offer opportunities for collaboration between Imperial's industrial partners and the Faculty's world class researchers. The team have been at Imperial for between 2 weeks and 9 years, if you count PhD studies! This profile was produced for Diverse@Imperial 2017.

The Corporate Partnerships Team for Faculty of EngineeringWho inspires you?

We're inspired by innovators, makers, inventors and entrepreneurs of this world (in abundance at Imperial!) who set out to develop new technologies, create new services and design new products that will impact society and industry and the way we live life.

When did you realise you wanted to work in Academia?

Our team’s inherent inquisitiveness means we all like a new challenge, or to test a new idea, and working with our corporate partners on their technical issues and challenges provides a fantastic way to satisfy that.  In our roles we spend a lot of time working with Imperial’s Academics so that we understand their work and are able to match their capabilities to industry challenges.

The majority of us have PhDs in a science or engineering discipline and worked as researchers either in industry, academia or both for a number of years, but have moved out of the “lab” for different reasons.  With our combined technical expertise and understanding of research, we are in a good position to support the research at Imperial – especially at a time when the future of public funding from the UK and EU is uncertain.  We have the privilege of working with the amazing research at Imperial without having to wear a lab-coat again.

"The real value of team diversity in the workplace is in the various ways different individuals approach problems and solutions, and the value we attribute to these nuanced ideas and different ways of working"

What do you enjoy most about your roles?

Continually being amazed by all the research taking place at Imperial, and developing partnerships that allow those diverse ideas and discoveries to solve problems and improve lives in various ways across the globe.

What’s your favourite moment in the College year?

The start of the Academic year brings new faces and a lively atmosphere; Christmas gives us a moment to get together with colleagues and get to know each other better; Commencement and Graduation days gives us a glimpse of the happy students and proud parents and the streets of South Kensington flooded with crowds of robed individuals.

What would you do if you didn’t have to come to work tomorrow?

Travel, run, cycle, go to a pilates class, wander around London, play the drums, eat…. And maybe fit in some sleep too.