The College has a number of committees and groups with an equality, diversity and inclusion remit. These committees meet regularly to push forward initiatives, deal with current issues, and monitor progress on action plans. Their purpose is to improve the working environment of the College so that everyone can reach their full potential. 

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Strategy Group - the College's overarching EDI committee, chaired by the Provost, Ian Walmsley

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Forum - a listening post to capture and discuss EDI issues, with members drawn from across College. chaired by Professor Stephen Curry, Assistant Provost (EDI)

Athena Committee - focused on supporting departments Athena SWAN work and applications

Disability Action Committee - oversees Imperial's work on disability equality, chaired by John Neilson, College Secretary and Registrar

Sexual Harassment Working Group - working to review existing policies and procedures, to identify gaps, and to propose a new College-wide solutions