On 11 Oct 2018 Imperial College published its new strategy for a re-invigorated approach to equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI). It is the product of a great deal of discussion, led by Professor Stephen Curry, Assistant Provost (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion), with staff and students across the university. 

"We are resolved to be clear-sighted about the challenges ahead but also to fulfil our university mission as an agent of positive change."

Front page of Inclusive Excellence brochureTo succeed, the responsibility for promoting equality, diversity and inclusion has to be shared by all staff and students. The new strategy is therefore also a call to arms, to everyone at Imperial.

As a first step to finding out what you can do to support and embed EDI at the College, you can download and read the full Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy (pdf)‌. 

You can also read the strategy's companion Inclusive Excellence brochure (pdf)‌.

To find out more about EDI at the College, consider signing up to the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Centre's newsletter, or joining one of our staff diversity networks


Why does Imperial need an EDI strategy?

The short answer is: to ensure our future success as a university.

We want to tap into pools of talent that have been neglected for too long, and to increase the quality, relevance and world-changing impact of our research and education. The health and well-being of the organization and the people who work and study here will be enhanced by developing a culture that values everyone. We want to be an institution where the dignity and individuality of everyone is respected and cherished.

We know that we operate in a society distorted by deep structural inequities, but we will not use this as an excuse for failure or inaction. We will sometimes find ourselves facing difficult choices. At such times, we will return to the principles articulated in our strategy as the starting point for discussions of how to do better.

What does the EDI strategy say?

Our strategy brings a new focus and coherence to Imperial’s efforts to promote equality, diversity and inclusion. It explains why we want to place EDI at the centre of all that we do and outlines our priorities and the practical steps that we will take to achieve them. In short, we will:

  • Integrate equality, diversity and inclusion into all management processes
  • Integrate equality, diversity and inclusion into the student experience
  • Take positive action to improve the opportunities and experiences of under-represented groups, especially women, and black and minority ethnic, LGBTQ+ and disabled staff and students
  • Reduce the incidence of bullying and harassment
  • Gather and publish data to monitor our progress
  • Collaborate internally and externally to develop good practice
  • Be open to dialogue and challenge on our work on equality, diversity and inclusion