Imperial's pledge to you, our staff and students, is that we shall take the necessary action to eliminate all forms of discrimination, especially direct and indirect forms of harassment, bullying and victimisation. We shall do this by:

  • taking all complaints of harassment, bullying and victimisation seriously
  • providing comprehensive harassment training programmes to management and staff
  • providing confidential support services such as Confidential CareOccupational Health, and our Harassment Support Contacts
  • monitoring our progress towards the achievement of our pledge and publishing the results

Details about Imperial's support and actions on harassment can be found in our Respect for Others guide (pdf).

Harassment, Bullying, and Victimisation Policy

Imperial's harassment policy defines the ways in which harassment, bullying and/or victimisation can occur. The policy provides guidance to resolve any problems should they occur, and avoid recurrence, with its main aim being the prevention of harassment, bullying and/or victimisation.

Harassment Support Contacts

Confidential support is available for staff affected by bullying or harassment in the workplace through Imperial’s Harassment Support Contacts (HSCs). The network of HSCs are trained volunteers who can help members of staff by acting as a listening board and exploring the options available to them through formal and informal College procedures. HSCs keep all discussions confidential.

You can contact the Harassment Support Contacts directly via phone or email. Alternatively, members of staff are encouraged to get in touch with the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Centre  who can then arrange a referral to an appropriate HSC. 

Harassment Support Contacts
 Maria Barletta  020 7594 2151
 Dawn Beaumont  020 8383 3250
 Caroline Carter  020 7594 3484
 Uzma Chaudhary  020 7594 8408
 Susan Clark  020 7886 1461
 Orville Dorman  020 7589 5111
 Althea Hartley-Forbes  020 7594 5717
 Kani Kamara  020 7594 0867
 Sabrina Kapur  020 7594 7938
 Taru Khanna  020 7589 5111
 Mark Langford  020 7594 2055
 Rob Millwood  020 7594 6247
 Kalpna Mistry  020 7594 1561
 Elizabeth Ogden  020 7594 2166
 Paulette Shelley  020 7594 6971
 Dominic Spencer  020 7594 1216
 Elmy Thompson  020 8383 2406
 Susi Underwood  020 7594 5560
 Liam Watson  020 7594 8753
Harassment Support Contacts details