COVID-19 update

All face-to-face training provided by the EDI Centre has been suspended due to COVID-19. We are transitioning to online training. 

If you have any concerns please contact the EDI Centre.

Various EDI courses are available to Imperial staff on LinkedIn Learning

The Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Centre (EDIC) offers a range of training throughout the academic year to educate and develop staff. Our training dates are released at the start of October. We also sometimes put on special sessions as part of wider events

Please note that cancellations less than five working days prior to the training date will normally incur a charge - please read the College's training terms and conditions.

Online training

EDI at Imperial

Our online EDI at Imperial training course is a great introduction and it is recommended for all staff. The course will help you to understand what is meant by EDI and what is happening at the College. The course is also a core module of the .

The course takes around 45 minutes to complete and is followed by an online test. 

Unconscious bias

We have an online unconscious bias training course which acts as a starting point for your understanding about how biases work and how they can impact both individuals and organisations. We recommend it for all staff as a way of increasing self-awareness and beginning to think around actions to address biases. 

The course should take you around 45 minutes to complete and is followed by an online assessment.

Training workshops

Our standard programme of training for the academic year includes:

Development programmes

We also offer two targeted leadership and development programmes:

  • Calibre for disabled staff
  • IMPACT for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff