If you are interested in bespoke training for your team or department, please get in contact with us by filling out the form below. We are happy to discuss specific needs and requirements. The EDIC offer a range of bespoke training available to be delivered at a departmental level. 

We work with a range of internal and external trainers who can provide training tailored to your particular needs. Please see below for a section of training modules we have previously delivered.

When looking to book any bespoke training, we request that there are a minimum of 10 delegates per session. Anything under this, please book onto the general courses where available.

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Bespoke Accordion

Understanding: LGB Perspective at Work

For information on the Understanding: LGB Perspesctive at Work course please click here

Bespoke Accordion 2

Understanding: Trans Policy at Work


  • Discrimination in employment
  • Legal protections
  • Confidentiality and monitoring


This course is designed for staff who wish to be more aware of issues faced trans individuals and learn best practise. Managerial and supervisory staff who have a responsibility for the welfare of other staff and / or students are particularly encouraged to attend.


  • Half day training course
  • Facilitated by: Kalpna Mistry


Our partners GIRES (Gender Identify Research and Education Society) have developed a free e-learning resource on transgender issues which might also be of interest.

Bespoke Accordion 3

Understanding: Faith & Belief at Work


  • Awareness of the wide range of faiths and religious beliefs
  • Legislation, provision, and facilities
  • Types of discrimination and awareness of conflict areas


This session is aimed at staff who wish to understand the legal obligations around faith/religious belief and the need and ways in which a department and the College at large can make provision for people of differing beliefs.


  • Half day training course
  • Facilitated by internal trainer

Bespoke Accordion 4

Visual Impairment Awareness Training

Who should attend

For staff who wish to gain greater confidence and knowledge of sight loss issues, and understand how best to provide an accessible service to blind and partially sighted stakeholders.

Key areas

  • Overview of different types of sight loss and the different challenges associated with them
  • Discussions around legal obligations to blind and partially sighted people and possible sight loss related reasonable adjustments.
  • Good practice when communicating with blind and partially sighted people
  • Ways to produce accessible information to blind and partially sighted clients and colleagues
  • Good practice to guiding people who may need assistance with navigation or mobility

Key Information

  • Half day training course
  • Facilitated by external trainer: Steph Cutler
  • No charge for Imperial staff