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Introducing Calibre

The Calibre Programme is a leadership development programme for disabled staff.

Calibre aims to develop and implement strategies that reflect the unique challenges and experiences of disabled staff. It has been designed to address the distinct and often subtle barriers disabled staff face in the work place. The Calibre programme imparts knowledge and techniques to overcome and master barriers when operating in the workplace.

The programme has been developed and is delivered by Dr Ossie Stuart, an international disability consultant and academic, in partnership with Imperial's Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Centre.

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Focus of Calibre

The Calibre Programme builds on 21st-century thinking of disability leadership to ensure we see more disabled leaders in a variety of positions within the workplace.

The programme places the Social Model of disability at the heart of the process. Using the Social Model of disability as the basis for the programme enables participants to see disability a distinctive strength. 

Calibre taster sessions

90 minute taster sessions are offered each year so interested individuals can gain a better understanding of the Calibre programme and how it can support them with their career development. 

Managers of disabled staff who are interested in the programme are also very much encourage to attend.

Key areas covered in a taster session 

  • What is the Calibre Programme and how it can benefit me?
  • Hear from a Calibre alumni about their experience and how the programme made a positive impact for them 
  • How managers can benefit from sending disabled staff on the programme
  • Why Calibre has become so important to Imperial and beyond

Dates for the next Calibre Programme

Please note:  each date is a separate workshop.

All workshops must be attended in order to successfully complete the programme and receive the accreditation.

Calibre Programme 2019 
Workshop Dates
24 January 2019 – Introduction: Disability to leadership, the fundamentals
31 January 2019 - Disability matters: real-world leadership
12 February 2019 – Authentic Leadership (TBC subject to change)
19 February 2019 – Leading in Practice
17 March 2019 – Leading in Practice Continued
15 April 2019  - Calibre Graduation (TBC subject to change)
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How much does Calibre cost?

For internal delegates, i.e. Imperial staff, Calibre is free to attend.

We do accept external delegates on Calibre, at a cost of £1,750.00.

For any queries regarding the costs please email

How to apply for Calibre

Applications for the 2019 Calibre Programme are now open. The deadline for applications is 11 January 2019.

If you want to attend, please complete the online Calibre 2019 registration form.

If you are interested but have questions or want to talk to someone, then please get in touch with the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Centre: