Group Lunch with MSc Students

A twist on the regular Wednesday group lunches, we had a larger one with MSc students! All of this topped off with a nice coffee in the Departmental Common Room!

Decorative photo of the group

Chinese New Year Lunch

A quick celebration by getting a Chinese takeaway, but it's all about the intention! Popped down to Stick and Bowl on High Street Kensington and got the chance to know a bit more about one of the nearby restaurants!

Decorative photo of the group


Christmas Lunch

Here we have the group (minus Santosh) celebrating the end of the year with a classic pub Christmas dinner at the Hereford Arms! All donned their Christmas jumpers, even if some had to do an emergency shopping trip to Primark, and Salva had to wear the punishment elf hat for not making the effort!


Decorative photo of the group