Amazon locker

Over 400 Amazon locker slots available on campus

At the South Kensington campus, we have 4 Amazon lockers, offering over 400 delivery slots for your packages. These self-service lockers allow you to receive and return your Amazon parcels from a central campus location. Amazon take care of the servicing, customer service and day to day running of the lockers allowing our post and reception staff to focus on core business needs.

Amazon locker guidance

How do the Amazon lockers work?

Amazon lockers work in 4 easy steps.

  1. Add an Amazon locker location to your Amazon address book.

    Add a locker to your address book in account settings, by searching for the locker at the checkout, or add it by visiting 
    Search for a locker using postcode SW7 2AZ and select one of the four lockers on campus. The lockers are named: EcstaticGemstoneJunior and Edson.

  2. Shop as usual and select the desired locker as your delivery address
  3. Once your order has been delivered you will receive a unique collection code via email or text
  4. Go to the locker and enter your code to retrieve your package

You will have three business days to collect your item, after which it will be automatically returned for a full refund. 

Where are the lockers?

The 4 Amazon lockers are located at several points along the Sherfield Walkway. 

Edson (111 slots)
Entering from Dalby Court (via Main Entrance), the locker is located on the South Kensington Campus, on the level 2 walkway north of the Sherfield Building – it is accessed through the first set of double doors on the left, before the Santander Bank.

Gemstone (75 slots)
Entering from Dalby Court (via Main Entrance), the locker is located on the South Kensington Campus, on the level 2 walkway north of the Sherfield Building - it is adjacent to the Junior Common Room

Ecstatic (84 slots)
Entering from Dalby Court (via Main Entrance), this locker is located on the South Kensington campus on the level 2 walkway closest to the Sherfield Building, adjacent to the ICU Shop Extra convenience store.

Junior (134 slots)
Entering from Dalby Court (via Main Entrance), the locker is located on the South Kensington Campus, at the far end of the level 2 walkway, near to the entrance of the Huxley Building (Lv.2).

Amazon post update

Due to the large volume of Amazon parcels that are delivered daily to campus, from 5 November 2018 the post rooms and College receptions will no longer be able to accept Amazon deliveries. Staff and students are encouraged to use one of the 400+ Amazon locker slots in one of four locations for receiving their package.

Amazon lockers will be rolled out to other campuses and locations in due course.

Amazon Locker FAQs

Why are you introducing locker-only Amazon deliveries now?

For some time the post room and College receptions have struggled with the volume of Amazon packages that are delivered to campus. These lockers will allow you to still receive your Amazon deliveries and allow post and reception staff to dedicate their time to the core busines services.

Benefits of using amazon lockers

  • They provide a secure route to delivery allowing you to collect your item as soon as it has been delivered
  • Allows reception staff to focus on their duties
  • Resolves the storage issues 
  • Reduces the pressure during peak times (e.g. Christmas)

What are the biggest parcels I can send?

The lockers Edson and Junior have oversized slots available for use. The largest package size that can be delivered to these lockers is 42cm x 35cm x 32cm. If your package is bigger than this, then unfortunately you will not be able to have it delivered to campus.

Why are the lockers only at South Kensington?

This is currently phase 1 of introducing Amazon lockers across campus. We will be monitoring their usage and availability and will be hopefully installing them at other sites in due course.

What will happen to my parcel if I don't get it delivered to a locker after 5 November?

After 5 November, whilst we will do our best to ensure you receive your item, we will not be able to guarantee that your package will be accepted and may be returned to the courier.

What happens if the lockers are full?

In the event that all the available locker slots are full, then you can check the Amazon website for other lockers off campus that are nearby, or have the item delivered to your home address.