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Your College ID card enables you to visibly identify yourself while you are on campus

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Where to find us

  • Room 151, Level 1 Sherfield building, South Kensington Campus

ID Card office personnel

  • Airida Siaule, Security Technical Services Administrator
    020 759 48906
  • Security Technical Services Administrator
    020 759 48906
  • Gary Gray
    Security Technical Services Supervisor
    020 759 48900

Your College ID card enables you to visibly identify yourself while you are on campus.

  • It gains you access to your Department/Division between 07.00 and 23.59 hours every day (apart from Christmas and New Year's Days). *
  • In some cases it also provides access to your place of residence.
  • It is your library card.
  • It can be used to get discounts in College catering outlets and for printing and copying.
  • You are responsible for having your ID card with you at all times while on campus and for keeping the card safe and in good condition.

* Each year on these two days access is restricted only to those identified in advance to Security by their Faculties, Departments or Divisions as engaged on essential work. Notices are posted asking that staff and students who consider themselves to be in this ‘essential work’ category notify their Faculty, Departmental or Divisional administration by a certain date each year. Staff and students requiring access whose names have not been notified to Security in advance may be refused entry.

ID card information

ID office opening times

South KensingtonSouth Kensington campus

Sherfield Building Room 151
Monday to Friday
08.30 to 10.30
12.00 to 14.00
15.45 to 16.45


Commonwealth Building, Ground Floor Security Office
Monday to Friday
10.00 to 12.00
14.45 to 16.00

St Mary's

Sub Basement Security Office
Call 43660 to check opening times

Silwood Park

Security Gatehouse
Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
08.00 to 13.00
Thursday & Friday
13.00 to 17.30

Your responsibilities

Prevent unauthorised accessSecurity keys

When using access controlled doors, make sure that no one enters the building behind you. They may not be allowed into the building.

  • If you are unsure of their identity, ask to see their ID card. All College members have one.
  • If they do not have a card, tell them that you are not allowed to let them in and they must report to Security to gain permission to enter.
  • If they manage to get past you, phone Security on 4444 and report it.

Cards must not be lent to people under any circumstances. Security make ID checks in Departments. If a person is found with a card not belonging to them, the card will be confiscated and the person asked to leave.

The card remains the property of Imperial College London. If you leave the College, you are required to return your card to the Security ID card office in Sherfield building, South Kensington during normal office hours (see ID office opening times tab) or to the nearest Security Officer out of hours.

Take care of it

  • There is a chip inside the card which can be affected by Oyster cards. In the same way that you keep all your magnetic cards separate, you must keep apart all the cards that are read by touching them on a reader. Mobile phones and magnets also adversely affect the card's chip.
  • Plastic card holders and lanyards are available from the ID Card Office.  These  are issued free and extend the life of an ID card and keep it safe.

Fire safety

In the interests of safety, the doors will release on the activation of a fire alarm.

Amending access

Should you require access to additional areas or for additional hours (i.e. between 11 pm and 7 am) please see 'Replacing or making changes'. Departmental and College procedures must be followed, particularly with regard to local rules, safety and lone working.

Replacing or making changes

Outline of ID cards

The process for issuing a replacement ID card depends on the reason for replacement.


  • If you have lost your card please report the loss to Security or the ID Card office immediately so the lost card can be deactivated. This is to prevent unauthorised access.
  • Replacement for the first lost card is free. Any subsequent losses are charged at £10.00 each.
  • Staff and students who have completed a term of employment or study and then return at a later date for further employment or study will not be charged for previously lost cards.


  • If your ID card is stolen you should report the theft immediately. Your card will then be deactivated.
  • Failure to follow this process vastly increases the risk of the College or yourself being the victim of another crime.
  • When reporting an ID card as stolen, you must provide a Police Crime Reference Number, another ID card will then be issued to you.
  • Without the Crime Reference Number the card will be treated as a lost card and a replacement may be chargeable.


  • Damaged cards are retained and a new one is printed to replace it. If the individual is unable to produce the damaged card it will be treated as a lost card.
  • If it can be proved that the card was deliberately damaged a charge of £10 will be applied irrespective of whether this is the first replacement or not.


  • If you find an ID card take it to the nearest Security Reception immediately.

New details

  • If you wish to change the details on your ID card, proof of the new details will be required. 
  • Proof of new details may be in the form of documentation either from Human Resources or the Registry.
  • You should bring the documentation and your existing card to the ID Card Office to receive a new card. 
  • The old card will be retained by the ID Card Office.

Amending access

  • ID cards allow you access to specified areas only.
  • The doors you can open are selected according to the requirements of your course and/or the Department/Division that you are in.
  • Any amendments to your access requirements must be approved and submitted to the ID Card Office via email by your Building Manager, Head of Department or Departmental Administrator. Please consult your line manager in the first instance and they will be able to advise.
  • Once this information has been received by the ID Card Office, your ID card will be updated accordingly.


Lone working policy

Lone workers are those who work by themselves without close or direct supervision or contact with others.

It is College policy to ensure that:

  1. All lone working is avoided where reasonably practicable to do so.
  2. Where risks cannot be adequately controlled, lone working shall be prohibited.
  3. Where lone working cannot be avoided, safe working is to be facilitated by:
  • Undertaking risk assessments, where necessary, to identify the hazards, assess the risks and put appropriate control measures in place.
  • Providing adequate and workable procedures to ensure that lone working consent is obtained and recorded in circumstances where this is required either by the College Code of Practice or in accordance with local rules.
  • Liaising with other employers to ensure that adequate procedures are in place in relation to lone working in shared premises.

Compliance with this Policy is mandatory. The College Code of Practice: Lone Working provides practical guidance on how compliance may be achieved.

Approved by College Health, Safety & Environment Committee on 24 October 2014.