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  • Sherfield Building, Room 108
  • 020 7594 8910

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Whilst Imperial College London is unable to accept liability for lost or stolen property, it is the policy of the Security Services Department to reunite lost property with its original owner where possible.

However, items cannot be securely stored indefinitely and will only be retained for between one and six months, depending on the nature of the item.

How long will lost property be retained?

  • Clothing or other low value items - 1 calendar month.
  • Books/stationary - 1 calendar month.
  • Jewellery/money/other valuable items - 6 calendar months.

How do I reclaim my item?

  • Items should be reclaimed from Security Control, Sherfield Building, Room 108.
  • Anyone reclaiming property will be asked for information about the item.
  • You must show your ID card or other photographic identification prior to the item being returned.
  • When you reclaim an item, you will need to sign a declaration to show you have received it.

What happens to unclaimed items?

Where it is not possible to return an item to its original owner within the relevant property retention period, the item will, where possible, either be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner or donated to a registered charity.