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The Security Control Room is situated in the Sherfield building on South Kensington Campus. It is the nerve centre for security services covering all campuses.

All alarms are relayed to the control room. Staff on duty will acknowledge the alarm and send the appropriate response. This could be a team of security officers, the police, fire brigade or an ambulance.

  • Emergency (24hours): 4444
  • General internal (24 hours): 48910 or 58920
  • External: 020 7589 1000
  • Chief Security Officer: 49550

Security information


  • If the alarm is not already sounding, activate the nearest fire alarm call point.


  • Control room staff will respond to locate the source of the alarm.


  • Depending on the situation, staff will fight any fire, ensure that the emergency services are called (if required), and assist with building closures and evacuation.


  • If you operated the call point, make yourself known either to the security officers who attend, or your fire warden. 


  • Remember to never put yourself at risk - do not attempt to fight the fire yourself or put yourself in any danger. 

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First aid

first aid

  • Phone for assistance on 4444 (if calling from a mobile: 020 7589 1000).


  • A trained first aid officer will respond and assess the need for removal to hospital or the College Health Centre.

  • All Security Officers are trained in first aid, some Officers are also trained in the use of a defibrillator.

Intruders or security threats

  • If you are suspicious of the legitimacy of any person in the building, call the control room on 4444 (if calling from a mobile: 020 7598 1000). 


  • State your location and the nature of your suspicions.


  • Security staff will respond to search the building, so the sooner you report the incident, the greater the chance of the intruder being found and crime being prevented.


  • Do not challenge the person or put yourself at risk.


  • If you encounter a suspicious package or object, ensure you call the control room immediately. They will then be able to dispatch an emergency response team and, if applicable, notify the emergency services.