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The Security Control Room is situated in the Sherfield building on South Kensington Campus. It is the nerve centre for security services covering all campuses.

All alarms are relayed to the control room. Staff on duty will acknowledge the alarm and send the appropriate response. This could be a team of security officers, the police, fire brigade or an ambulance.

  • Emergency (24hours): 4444
  • General internal (24 hours): 48910 or 58920
  • External: 020 7589 1000
  • Chief Security Officer: 49550

Security information


  • Fire fighterIn the event of a fire, if the alarm is not already sounding, activate the nearest fire alarm call point.
  • Control room staff will respond to locate the source of the alarm, fight any fire, ensure that the emergency services are called if required, prevent people re-entering the building and assist with building evacuation.
  • If you operated the call point, make yourself known either to the security officers who attend, or your fire warden. 
  • Do not put yourself at risk.

Find out more about fire safety.

First aid

First aid box

  • A first aid emergency can be very distressing for all involved.
  • Phone for assistance on 4444.
  • A trained first aid officer will respond and assess the need for removal to hospital or the College Health Centre.
  • All Security Officers are trained in first aid, some Officers are also trained in the use of the defibrillator.

Emergency response vehicle

  • This vehicle contains general emergency equipment, and would normally compliment a 6 man Emergency Response Team, (1 x Supervisor and 5 Security Officers), they will attend Suspect Packages, Bomb Alerts, Fire alarms, First Aid Incidents, Floods and also assist in responding to Intruders on main campus (South Kensington) and sites off campus (residential/teaching).


  • If you are suspicious of the legitimacy of any person in the building, call the control room on 4444.
  • State your location and the nature of your suspicions.
  • Security staff will respond to search the building, so the sooner you report the incident, the greater the chance of the intruder being found and crime being prevented.
  • Do not challenge the person or put yourself at risk.

Preventing crime

Security keys

Most crime on campus involves theft, burglary and in particular theft of bikes. Often crime is committed by the 'opportunist thief' indicating that many crimes could be prevented.

We need the College community to actively assist us in maintaining a safe and secure campus for all students, faculty, and staff.

Your role

  • Voice concerns about crime and disorder problems. Don’t wait until crimes occur or problems get out of control.
  • Report any suspicious persons or activity immediately to Security on 4444 or 020 7589 1000. Do not challenge suspects or place yourself at risk. Pass on as much information to Security as possible: a description of the suspect, their clothing, exact location or direction. Be wary of people tailgating when you enter a building via access-controlled doors.
  • Employ crime prevention measures for personal and property safety. Always lock valuables away before leaving offices or labs and where possible lock the doors. Never leave personal belongings unattended in communal areas such as cafes, restaurants or libraries. To assist the police in recovering stolen property, register valuable personal items on the Immobilise website.
  • Feedback on the Security service provision. The quality of our service is enhanced by feedback from the College community, so please comment on your experience by completing our cutomer survey.

Safer neighbourhoods team - Knightsbridge and Belgravia

Your dedicated Safer Neighbourhoods team is here to make a difference in your community. If you have concerns about the day to day crime and disorder issues, please contact a member of your local team.

Contact the College Police Liaison Officer:

Belgravia Police Station 
202-206 Buckingham Palace Road SW1 
020 7730 1212

Find out more on the Metropolitan Police Safer Neighbourhoods website.

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