Close up of bike chainMaintaining a bicycle can be costly and time consuming. By providing bicycle workshop space and facilities we want to encourage cyclists at the College to share their knowledge, tools and time. Knowing the basics of bicycle maintenance makes for a safer cycling experience.

Facilities at South Kensington

Outside work stand

A bicycle work stand with attached tools and a bicycle pump are located outside the entrance to the Faculty bicycle store.

Bicycle workshop

The bicycle workshop is located at the back of the Faculty bicycle store at the South Kensington campus. The bicycle workshop facilities include:

  • Bicycle pump
  • Bicycle work stand
  • Work bench
  • Strong fluorescent lighting

Access to tools

Access to the maintenance tools is managed by the Imperial College Bicycle User Group (ICBUG).

Reporting a fault

Outside work stand

The bicycle workstand and pump outside the Faculty bicycle store are maintained under contract. To report a fault please contact Estates' Customer Services Centre.

Bicycle workshop

The bicycle workshop is maintained jointly by Imperial College Bicycle User Group (ICBUG) and Estates Facilities.

  • Report problems with tools and equipment to ICBUG.
  • Report issues with the building (for example faulty lighting in the area) to the Customer Services Centre.