A stolen bike

The theft of bicycles is a major concern for the College. By following some precautions, you can reduce the risk of your bicycle being stolen.

Reduce the risk

  • Use a solid, 'Sold Secure' approved lock
  • Lock the frame of your bike to the locking point and whenever possible include the wheels.
  • Use the access controlled bicycle storage areas provided by College.
  • Never leave your bike unattended overnight unless in secure storage.
  • Record the make, model and serial number and any other identifying features.
  • Enquire at Security or your local police station to have your bicycle frame marked and registered with the police.

Use an approved lock

  • A good quality cycle lock is essential.
  • In the UK we have the 'Sold Secure' rating system, this classes bike locks as Gold, Silver or Bronze.  The three different levels represent how long it will take a bike thief to breach the lock.
  • If you have bicycle insurance then getting a 'Sold Secure' lock is usually part of the terms and conditions.

Discounted D-Locks

Security sell ABUS 'D' Locks (which are Gold standard in the rating system).

These normally retail for around £80 but are available to staff and students for only £35 from room 155 in the Sherfield Building, South Kensington and at Security receptions at other campuses on request.