AMP building

Aeronautics and Mechanical Engineering Project (AMP) is scheduled for completion in 2017

The Aeronautics and Mechanical Engineering Project (AMP) will provide for the relocation of the Department of Aeronautics into the City & Guilds Building (previously the Mechanical Engineering Building) and the Skempton Building and, at the same time, refurbish the remainder of the City & Guilds Building. The project began in 2011 and is scheduled for completion in 2017.

Phase/ActivityTime period
Phase 1 Design Completed March 2012
Phase 1 Construction Completed September 2012
Phase 2 to 4 Briefing Completed December 2011
Phase 2 to 4 Design Completed December 2012
Phase 2 - Procurement Completed August 2013
Phase 2 - Enabling works Completed August 2013
Phase 2 - Decant space creation Completed August 2014
Phase 2 Completed September 2015
Phase 3 - Decant space modifications Completed December 2016
Phase 3 January 2016 to December 2016
Aerial Robotics Laboratory September 2016 to June 2017
Phase 4 January 2017 to June 2017
Department of Aeronautics move and completion July 2017
Phase dates

The City & Guilds Building has come to a point where numerous elements and services are approaching the end of their life expectancy. There is a pressing need to renew the building to meet the requirements for world leading engineering research and teaching. Through the refurbishment of the Mechanical Engineering Building and connecting these buildings to the Skempton Building, space can be created to accommodate the Department of Aeronautics, enabling the sharing of teaching and research facilities between engineering departments. In addition, the relocation of the Department of Aeronautics from the Roderic Hill/ACEX site is required in order to unlock this part of the South Kensington Campus for future development. AMP aims to refurbish the buildings in a way that ensures their long term sustainability but which avoids the cost of radical restructuring. It addresses the backlog of maintenance issues, the external fabric of the building and the services, plant and infrastructure, which are over 40 years old. In addition it frees up space currently occupied in the Roderic Hill and ACE Extension Buildings for other uses.

AMP will achieve the following outcomes:

  • Provision of suitable academic space in order for the Department of Aeronautics and the Department of Mechanical Engineering to deliver the research and teaching mission set out in their respective strategic plans.
  • Provision of multi-user teaching and research facilities to be shared between the Departments of Aeronautics, Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.
  • Unlocking of the Roderic Hill/ACEX site for future development (4,360sqm vacated by Aeronautics).
  • Enhanced facades to the City & Guilds Building which also save energy usage and cost.
  • Inclusion of £10M of backlog maintenance that would be required to the City & Guilds Building if the works were not to proceed.
  • Maximised impact of the £50M “SEQ” investment to date.

AMP has considered the optimum phasing of the refurbishment works and the prospective new locations for Aeronautics and Mechanical Engineering have been agreed with representatives from each department on a room by room basis recognising the particular requirements for teaching, research or support functions.

The Aerial Robotics Laboratory will the site on levels 5-6 of the western-side of the City and Guilds Building. Having developed a proposal to create a new flight arena upon the relocation of Aeronautics to the City and Guilds Building, the Department has secured a denotation from an alumnus, Brahmal Vasudevan, to fund the design and construction of the flight arena. The Lab will provide a new facility for flying robot prototype development and testing, which will form the UK’s leading centre for research in this exciting and fast-growing field.

Aeronautics and Mechanical Engineering Project

Project team

Project Management – Arup Programme and Project Management

Sharon Spink; +44 (0)7825996985
Senior Project Manager (Overall Lead Phase 1-4)

Laura Shaw +44 (0)7823354753
Project Manager (Phase 3&4 and Flight Arena)

Senior Supplier

Bruna Santandrea +44 (0) 207 594 6202
Senior Supplier

Project Design Team

Sheppard Robson; Overall external and internal design

Structural Engineers
Curtins Consulting; Civil engineering infrastructure

Mechanical and Electrical Consultant
Troup, Bywaters and Anders; Mechanical and Electrical services for Ph1-3 and up to Stage D for Ph3&4

Mechanical and Electrical Consultant
Hoare Lea; Mechanical and Electrical services for Ph3&4 Stage E onwards and Aerial Robotics Lab (all stages)

Cost Consultant
Aecom; Cost, budgeting and financial control

Supervisors (Ph3&4)
Atkins; Full supervisor services for Architecture, Structural and Mechanical and Electrical

Main Contractors

Main Contractor (Phase 1)
Parkeray Limited; Refurbishment and reconfiguration Skempton and creation of a link between Skempton and C&G Building.

Main Contractor (Phase 2)
Laing O’Rourke; Refurbishment and reconfiguration of two thirds of the City & Guilds Building and recladding of the external façade. Installation of the main plant infrastructure for the AMP project.

Main Contractor (Phase 3-4 and Aerial Robotics Lab)
Kier Construction Limited; Refurbishment and reconfiguration of middle third of the City & Guilds Building and reconfiguration of 3 level annexe building for Aeronautics relocation. Creation of new Aerial Robotics Lab and office accommodation.