There are three steps you must undertake before you are able to start using the gym. Please note: if you do not intend to use the gym, you do not need to complete an orientation. 


Register as a member of Ethos. You must do this in order to use any of the facilities within the building. 

- Find out more about the types of Ethos membership available


Book and attend a fitness orientation. You will not be given access to the gym until you have completed your fitness orientation. Students must pay a one-off charge of £40. Once you have paid, you will get free access to the gym for the remainder of your time at Imperial. 

Orientations must be booked in advance either online, by phone or in person at Ethos reception. 

Students can book a gym orientation on this system through the activity section. Please note that the orientation carries a non-refundable fee of £40. If you are late or fail to arrive for your booked orientation you will be required to rebook and pay the fee again in full. Orientations can be rebooked through reception if 24 hour notice is given without incurring any additional fees. Once an orientation has been completed you will not be required to attend a further orientation for the whole duration of your course at Imperial College London. 


Complete a Sport Imperial Health Commitment Statement (HCS) form. You can complete this in advance of your fitness orientation and bring it with you, or you will be asked to complete it once you arrive. Please ensure that you read and understand the terms and conditions on the reverse of the form.