It is proven that those who invest in personal training achieve far greater results than those who work out on their own. Our qualified personal trainers help keep you motivated to achieve your goals; whether you want to lose a few extra pounds, run a marathon, or simply improve your fitness levels.

Our personal trainers offer many services on top of just exercise prescription. Please view their personal websites through the links below, to see how they can help you.

Personal Trainers

Ali Al Ramahi Personal Trainer

Ali Al Ramahi

Vastly experienced and highly qualified, Ali has a great passion for fitness. His approach is fun and creative, designing workouts based on sound scientific research that help clients achieve their goals in a safe and efficient manner.

T: 020 3700 3101



Ali Al Ramahi‌ (pdf)

Tomasz Zielinski Personal Trainer

Tomasz Zielinski

Tomasz is a fully qualified Personal Trainer, Triathlon Coach and Strength & Conditioning Coach with many years’ experience. Tomasz aims to drive clients to new levels and to go above and beyond their initial goals.

T: 0786 400 4448



Profile: Tomasz Zielinski Profile (pdf)