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This new course will offer students an introduction to contemporary photography and knowledge of the history of this popular medium.

Term one will focus on photographic technique, to develop your knowledge of your camera, digital or film. You will be introduced to the technical challenges of photographing the genres of portraiture, landscape and documentary photography and you will be asked to use technique to enhance your visual ideas.

The focus of the course will then move on to a consideration of subject matter and visual communication. Through a series of lectures and practical assignments, you will learn how photographs communicate narrative and ideas, and you will be encouraged to develop your own photographic voice.

Students will end the course with a portfolio of pictures that will form the foundation of your individual photography practice.  There will also be an exhibition of students’ work.

Please note two parallel classes will run. The Thursday class is currently near full capacity and enrolment has stopped. There is very good availability on the Wednesday class which remains open for enrolment via the portal. If you prefer having your class on Thursdays please enrol online for Wednesdays and leave us a note on the web booking form - we are confident your request can be accommodated.

Course syllabus
WeekTopicSession content
 1 Introduction to the course Technology and Creative Innovation
 2 Using your Camera 1 Aperture – Speed – ISO : The differences between Analogue and Digital
 3 Using your Camera 2 Lenses – Depth of Field - Composition
 4 Using your Camera 3 Portrait Technique
 5 Using your Camera 4 Landscape Technique
 6 Using your Camera 5 Reportage Technique
 7 Lighting Daylight and Lowlight Photography - Using Flash
 8 Field Trip Winter Wonderland TBC 
 9 Lighting Multiple Flash and Studio Flash 
  *** Christmas break ***  
 10 Portraits Portraits, History and Visual Language 
 11 News and Events Reading the News A History of Photojournalism and Propaganda
 12 Street Photography and Hidden Places  Creativity, Visual Journalism and Ethics
 13 Travel Photography Travel and Tourism 
 14 Field Trip TBC  
 15 Fine Art Photography Post Documentary and Conceptual Photography  
 16 Photography Features Creating Narrative
 17 Copyright Copyright Law and the Internet 
 18 Promoting Your Work Traditional Media and Social Media
 19 Preparing Exhibition Post Production and Photoshop
 20 Group Tutorial Mounting the Exhibition
Brain course syllabus

Questions regarding the content and teaching of the above course should be addressed directly to the course tutor, Ms Honey Salvadori,

Enrolment infos

Imperial College undergraduates and postgraduates may, if they wish, acquire 2 ECTS credits after successfully completing their Evening Class. To qualify, a student must attend the classes regularly and submit course materials after the end of the second term. Students will be invited to apply in the second term when further details will be provided.