This page provides information on our course fees and on the enrolment and payment process. Please review below details carefully before proceeding with enrolment via the blue booking link on the relevant course-information page

  • Course fees must be paid in full at the time of enrolment - we are unable to accept payment in installments
  • Please select your applicable rate category on the enrolment & payment portal when booking. You should note the programme information given in the red box marked At a Glance on your chosen course to help you with this,

Early bird discount rate for October courses ends 30 September

Course Fees (2020-21)

Course Fees for 2020-2021

Course fees can be found on the individual course pages.

There are special discounts available for some categories of applicant, and for many courses we also offer an early application discount (called the 'early bird' fee rate).

Rate Categories

We have three Rate Categories - the Standard Rate, the Internal Rate and the Associate Rate.

Rate categoryApplies toInstructions
Internal Rate
  • All current Imperial College students & staff (incl. Imperial NHS Trust and Imperial Innovations)
  • All holders of a current Imperial College CID code number
Current CID number to be stated on web enrolment form.
Internal Rate
 @ 50% off
  • Imperial College Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication (CLCC) current staff
  • Imperial College Science Communication (Sci Comm) postgraduate students
  • Imperial College undergraduates on a 'Language for Science' degree programme (e.g. Chemistry with Spanish, Biochemistry with German, etc.)
Please visit our Centre, ring extension 48756 or email before enrolling.
Associate Rate
  • Students (non-Imperial College)
  • Imperial College alumni
  • City & Guilds College Association members
  • University of London constituent colleges' and central office staff
  • Members of the Friends of Imperial College
  • Members of the South London Botanical Institute
  • Members of the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)
  • Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea staff
  • Harrods staff
  • Historic Royal Palaces staff
  • Natural History Museum staff
  • Science Museum staff
  • Victoria & Albert Museum staff
  • Royal Geographical Society staff
  • Santander Bank staff (Imperial College Walkway branch only)
  • Austrian Cultural Forum staff
  • Exhibition Road Cultural Group (aka Discover South Kensington) member organisations' staff
  • Lycee Charles de Gaulle staff
  • Local residents (SW3, SW5, SW7, SW10 and W8 postcodes only)
  • Please use email address clearly showing applicant affiliation (e.g. Imperial College alumni email address, UK educational email address, Harrods email address, Lycee Charles de Gaulle or South Kensington museum email address, etc.)
  • Alternatively you may email us a copy of your valid UK student or relevant staff card or a copy of your employment contract, etc.
  • Friends of Imperial College please quote membership number (existing membership must be valid at least until December)
  • South Kensington residents please quote postcode
  • For others, please contact us to ask
Standard Rate All other applicants, incl. spouses of Internal or Associate Rate applicants not covered by the above No special instructions
Table showing programme rate categories

The course fees for the current year (early bird and full fee) are shown above.

Course-level Advice

Particularly for language-course enrolments, where applicable we strongly advise seeking level advice from the relevant language coordinator prior to enrolment. Language Coordinator contact details can be found here.

Online Enrolment

Beginning 1 August for courses starting in October, applicants can enrol & pay for courses via the Imperial College eStore for courses starting in October. A booking link can be found on the course-information page however please first read below instructions.

Booking a place is easy - simply go to the relevant course-information page and click on the blue booking link at the bottom of the page. You will be directed to the Imperial College eStore where the correct rate category must be selected (see above) as the first step. 

If you are a first-time eStore user you will need to create an account by typing in your email address and choosing a password. This account can then be reused for future bookings.

Once you are logged into the eStore there is a short questionnnaire to be completed. This includes selecting your desired course on a drop-down menu. You cannot finish your booking without completing the questionnnaire.

The table below explains the type, timing and purpose of the email notifications each applicant can expect to receive following completion of their enrolment & payment.

Booking Notifications

What is sentWhen is it sentWhat does it contain
1. Payment confirmation Instantaneously following submission of your online application Confirms your payment and shows your order number and date of payment. Should not be treated as a course-enrolment receipt and therefore does not show your course, however we do receive these details when you submit your application
2. Enrolment confirmation Not sent right away however you will receive this in good time, please treat your payment confirmation as confirmation that your details and payment have been received Confirms your course choice, shows the programme your course is part of, confirms the term dates as well as the course day of the week and time
3. Programme information email Usually sent Friday late afternoon the week before term starts Contains further programme details such as classroom location and teacher contact information
If you need further help with the above information please ring 020 7594 8756.

Alternative Ways to Enrol

The only method for enrolment is via the internet using a debit or credit card.

If you have any problems with the internet enrolment system please telephone Christian Jacobi on 020 7594 8756 for advice.

Certificate of Attendance

For many of our classes you can gain a Certificate of Attendance providing you attend at least 80% of the taught sessions for the course. This level of attendance is set centrally by Imperial College and cannot be changed by the tutors on the course on which are you areenrolled or by the Evening Class/Lunchtime Learning staff.

Attendance is measured by the register for each class and so it is important to ensure that you are properly marked on the register for a class, particularly if you arrive late.

Certificates for those who attend at least 80% of the taught sessions are sent by email automatically soon after the end of the course of study.