Please find below a selection of the most commonly asked questions about our evening class programme.

Questions about our courses and the programme as a whole


FAQs main programme

When do the courses start and how long do they last?

Each course runs for 20 weeks and meets once per week for 2 hours. Courses are scheduled during Imperial College Autumn and Spring terms. The term dates for 2015-16 are: Autumn Term 19 October to 17 December 2015 (9 weeks) plus Spring Term 11 January to 24 March 2016 (11 weeks) = 20 weeks of class-based tuition.

What are the course fees?

Please find fee details here. Early bookers benefit from a discount (early-bird discount applicable in September only). Please see our website for full details.

How big are the classes?

We have a limit of 20 students per class for languages, creative writing and music technology. The limit for the arts appreciation courses is 30 students per class. This is to ensure that there is ample opportunity for participation by all students.

Do the courses lead to any academic qualification?

No, the evening classes are not part of any degree programme. However, if you attend at least 70% of the classes (minimum of 14 sessions) you will receive a certificate of attendance in the last session.

As an IC undergraduate, can I take an evening class as part of my degree?

No. The evening classes are an informal way to brush up on existing skills or develop new ones, and so they cannot be taken as part of a degree course. The Imperial Horizons programme offers courses for undergraduates to take as part credit towards their degree, as well as on a non-credit basis. Please see the Imperial Horizons webpages for more information.

Do I need to buy a book before the course starts?

No, the use of a particular textbook may vary from year to year depending on the teacher and indeed on the students' needs. You will be advised which book to buy during the first lesson. However, for the Music Technology course it is advisable that you purchase the headphones before the first class meeting (please see course description for details).

Do external evening class students get access to other College facilities?

Unfortunately not. The evening classes are separate from the degree courses the College offers and therefore no College facility access or usage entitlements (Sports Centre, College Library, etc.) are linked with an evening class registration. Nor will you be able to obtain a Student Oyster card from us or TfL - our courses are very part-time and therefore don't qualify. However, we are able, upon request, to arrange building access for non-members of the College if your class meets in a building that is not freely accessible.

Can I change classes if I find I'm on the wrong level?

Generally, if sufficient space is available in the class you want to change to, then you may transfer, subject to the agreement of the teacher of that class. The necessary arrangements are made by the Evening Classes Administr ator who must be notified by anyone intending to change courses. Our student records must at all times be accurate.


Questions about enrolment


More FAQs

How, when and where can I enrol?

We use online enrolment for our courses. Please note that we unfortunately cannot reserve any places until the full fee has been paid. Enrolment starts on 1st September.

Is there a deadline for enrolment?

No, but once a course is full (20 students is the limit for most courses) we will obviously stop enrolling for it. We do not recommend starting a language course more than two weeks into the first term.

Under-age applicant policy

Unfortunately our evening classes are not open to anyone under the age of 16 at the time of enrolment. Those who are 16 or 17 must have a parental consent form signed. The form can be found on our enrolment pages under 'Terms & Conditions.'

As a new IC student, I haven't got an IC ID card yet. Can I still enrol at the internal rate?

Yes, certainly. When you enrol online, please indicate your CID number (unique student ID number) which you can find on all pieces of correspondence you have already received from the College, including your letter of acceptance.

I neither work nor study at Imperial College. Can I still join a class?

Yes, absolutely! Our courses are open to all. However, the course fee is higher for external applicants.

Do Imperial College alumni qualify for the internal course fee?

Yes, Imperial College alumni can enrol at the internal rate if they are able to provide proof of their former affiliation with the College. Please web enrol at the internal rate as normal, leave a note for us in the Comments box to say you're an alumnus, and email a copy of your diploma (or other official document from the College) to the following email address shortly after your course enrolment: If we don't reply to it please assume everything is in order. A copy of your diploma etc. should also be included if you prefer to apply by post with a cheque.

I'm not sure what level I'm at - is there anyone I can contact before enrolling?

Yes. Please first review our language course descriptions to try to identify the course level which should be most suitable for you. Especially if somewhat out of practice, please be reasonably sure and realistic about your level of proficiency prior to proceeding with enrolment. Should you require further assistance please do contact the relevant language advisor(s).

Can I get a refund if my schedule changes?

No, we cannot give refunds for any reason (exceptions are cases of prolonged illness, longer periods of hospitalisation, etc.). Please do ensure before enrolling that you have the time to commit to a 20-week evening class and can see it through.