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Imperial College is well known as one of the world's leading universities for science, technology and medicine, and as part of our commitment to community education we have a lively programme of adult education courses in the humanities and creative writing open to everyone.

Our adult education courses are taught live online and attract people from across the UK and all over the world.

Available courses in this area

Some of the courses in the humanities and creative writing we offer include: 

New courses are added regularly.  

What to expect

Our tutors are all professional experts in their fields as you would expect from Imperial College, but you will also find them welcoming, friendly and encouraging, not least to those who have never studied these subjects before.

Our adult education courses are not credit bearing, so you do not need any qualifications or previous experience to take part and there is no assessment, and you can take the courses just for fun or to broaden your intellectual horizons.

Further information

Please visit our current course website for a full list of humanities and creative writing courses available starting this autumn.