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This course aims to take complete beginners in the language to a level where they are able to understand basic written and oral communication as well as feel confident to express themselves in written and oral forms using familiar everyday expressions and basic phrases (level A1 of the Common European Framework). Students will be able to introduce themselves and others, ask and answer questions about personal details such as where they live, people they know and things they do and have. The course will provide students with the skills needed for basic everyday situations in a Portuguese-speaking environment. It covers all four basic skills – listening, speaking, writing and reading.

The method is essentially communicative with pair and group work, role plays, interactive language games, information sharing and task based activities, social interaction and functional communication practice always encouraging students’ participation. Classes include a large variety of real-life situations. Grammar acquisition is done by contextualised oral and written exercises.

The use of authentic texts showing the culture and life-style of Brazil and other Portuguese-speaking countries, plus songs, videos and even food will give a taste of the cultural aspects of the lessons. The course will give students basic knowledge of the language as well as insight in the real and fascinating life of the Portuguese-speaking world.

General topics covered:

Introductions, meeting people, eating & drinking, hotel & directions, housing, daily life activities, gender and number endings, regular and irregular verbs in the present, immediate future, imperative form, introduction to the past tense and other important structures. Phonetics will play an important role in the lessons as aspects of the different accents found in Brazil and other Portuguese-speaking countries will be discussed.

Course material

The course book used will be Novo Avenida Brasil 1 Curso Básico de Português para Estrangeiros, Livro texto + Livro de Exercícios (by Emma Lima, Lutz Rohrmann, Tokiko Ishihara, Samira Iunes, Cristián Bergweiler, Editora Pedagógica e Universitária Ltda, ISBN 978-85-12-54520-2). The book is accompanied by an audio CD which students are encouraged to listen to outside of lesson time. Work sheets will also be provided by the teacher.

Questions regarding the content and teaching of the above course should be addressed to the tutor, Ms Gisele Breder,

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